MSFS Sim Update 10 slated for release next week!

There’s finally good news today concerning the much-awaited Sim Update 10 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. After being delayed last month and following an extensive testing phase, Sim Update 10 is finally slated for a release next week!

The MSFS team has been hard at work over the last few weeks, fixing many major issues that have plagued the initial testing versions of Sim Update 10. Some were so serious that the team decided to postpone the release (it was initially slated for August) and work closely with Nvidia to investigate and fix performance and stability problems.

Here’s today’s full statement from the development team:

The full release of Sim Update 10 is on its way, slated for next week! While we are pinpointing the exact day of release, our team is currently adding in our final changes and updates for SU10. Beta users can expect one final test build coming shortly. We have also been closely working with NVIDIA regarding our DX12 optimizations and we plan to release SU10 in conjunction with an NVIDIA driver update that will help one of the first issues our Beta users discovered (graphical glitches and artifacts).

While no specific date has been provided, it’s clear that SU10 will hit the platform in just a few days. The note about NVIDIA’s driver update is also important. Many of the existing complaints during SU10’s testing period have been related to graphical artifacts, so it’s important to update your GPU drivers along with the installation of Sim Update 10.

This update has been long-awaited by the community, as it promises to bring several important improvements to the simulator. These include support for DLSS, DX12 improvements, multi-monitor support, simulation enhancements (better CFD), better cloud layers, a new VFR map, the G1000NXi, and much more. The full release notes will be published next week once the update becomes available. In the meantime, you can get a sneak peek into some of the upcoming features, as shared by the MSFS team during the latest Developer Q&A.