FlightLoc – A community driven “must-see” locations map for Flight Simulator

If there’s one thing MSFS got right from the start is the breathtaking experience of flying all over the world with an extremely realistic scenery. Anyone can now be a “virtual tourist” and visit places in our planet that would be otherwise very difficult to see.

But, with all the vastness of our world, where should you go? Which are the most interesting places to fly over and see almost as if you were really looking down on the real thing? That’s where FlightLoc comes to play. Two brothers, avid aviation fans since childhood, decided to create an online map with tons of interesting places to visit in Microsoft Flight Simulator. The list goes from well know locations like Madeira Airport and the Grand Canyon to offbeat places like the Eye of Africa, and even totally random and unexpected discoveries.

It really is a great motivation to lift off from one of these airports and fly to close points of interest, discovering the world and filling the hard drive with screenshots. While you are at it, it may be a good idea to track your location in a map and see exactly where you’re going and how far you are from the destination.

Know some locations that are not on the map? You can suggest them via the online form, and the developers are already working on an improved version 2.0.