Orbx’s IDA Idaho – Fire Lookouts is a vast playground for bush pilots in MSFS

Orbx is back with another scenery dedicated to the Idaho backcountry in Microsoft Flight Simulator. IDA Idaho – Fire Lookouts brings a fresh challenge to bush pilots with a celebration of the historic fire lookouts in Idaho, introducing a series of exciting opportunities for exploration!

Historically, Idaho was dotted with over 1,500 fire lookout towers, which were crucial for the early detection of wildfires across its expansive and rugged terrains. Although the number of active lookouts has significantly reduced due to advancements in aerial surveillance technology, their cultural and operational legacy continues.

Orbx’s latest scenery addon for MSFS meticulously recreates 11 of these structures, providing not just a nod to their historical importance but also a unique navigational aid for virtual pilots flying under VFR.

Created by indie developer Milo Taylor, “IDA Idaho – Fire Lookouts” offers a detailed and engaging environment that meshes well with both aviation and terrestrial exploration. Each lookout has its own helicopter landing zone and a challenging STOL area, features that are sure to appeal to bush pilots looking for new tests of skill and precision in the simulator.

This scenery also integrates smoothly with existing Orbx products such as KMYL McCall MunicipalThe Deadly 3Not So Deadly 3 and 85U Soldier Bar , creating a vast, interconnected playground that spans much of the Idaho backcountry. This integration offers pilots hours of flight opportunities filled with challenging conditions and breathtaking views.

If you’re looking to explore the terrain in more detail, maybe with your Juice Goose UTV, the package includes over 20 miles of detailed roads for off-roading adventures, featuring trails like the Trinity Peak Hill Climb and the Scotts Mountain to Deadwood Lookout route.

Orbx Idaho Fire Lookouts MSFS 3

Orbx Idaho Fire Lookouts MSFS 4

Orbx Idaho Fire Lookouts MSFS 2

Orbx Idaho Fire Lookouts MSFS 5

Orbx Idaho Fire Lookouts MSFS 6

Orbx Idaho Fire Lookouts MSFS 1

Orbx Idaho Fire Lookouts MSFS 7

Orbx Idaho Fire Lookouts MSFS 11

Orbx Idaho Fire Lookouts MSFS 10

Orbx Idaho Fire Lookouts MSFS 9

Milo Taylor is an exceptionally talented developer whose attention to detail is second to none. This new scenery proves that once again, featuring dynamic elements designed to maximize immersion for simmers, such as winter-specific features like icicles and snow piles.

Adding life to these scenes, Milo has incorporated animations of people, wildlife, and other elements like the occasionally intrusive drone, which pilots must navigate around.

IDA Idaho – Fire Lookouts is another awesome playground for bush pilots for Microsoft Flight Simulator and is available now from Orbx, priced at around $16.50 USD.