Bluebird Simulations shows off the awesome sounds on the upcoming 757 for MSFS

Bluebird Simulations continues working on their highly anticipated Boeing 757 for Microsoft Flight Simulator, a project that was recently revealed to have evolved into a high-fidelity simulation of the aircraft – an upgrade from the initial “mid-level” expectations set by the developer.

Bluebird regularly shares development updates about this project, and the latest one offers new glimpses into the quality simmers can expect. For the first time, we finally get to hear how the Bluebird 757 sounds, and the news is good: it sounds fantastic!

These sounds, which are being worked on by Boris Audio Works, can be heard in the latest development video from Bluebird, shared this weekend. But before that, the developer emphasizes the collaborative effort in this project, which includes assistance from pilots, mechanics, engineers, and aviation enthusiasts. And remember, they are also working on the 767, although that development is currently more in the background as the 757 remains the focus for the team.

The sound demonstration, powered by recordings from actual 757 engines, is indeed very impressive. The powerful howl of the RB211 engines is on full display here, either as heard by the crew in the flight deck or a passenger in the cabin. But there is also a preview of many switches and systems as they are powered on. Starting the Bluebird 757 promises to be very immersive in terms of sounds!

The video also showcases the level of physics depth that Bluebird is implementing in this project, showcased through the windmilling engines as strong winds hit the aircraft when parked at the airport. Bluebird also offers a deep dive into the air conditioning system, revealing the complexity and depth of system simulations within the aircraft.

Looking ahead, Bluebird Simulations plans to further detail the pneumatic system and cabin pressurization in future updates and during FlightSimExpo, where the developer plans to provide more insights into the 757 and 767 projects, sharing the progress and depth of the development process.

So, what about the planned release date? As we know, the 757 was initially planned to come out by late 2023, but the increased scope of the project and consequential changes within the team to deliver that promise have led to a delay until 2024. Bluebird now hopes to release the 757 for Microsoft Flight Simulator by the end of 2024, but they emphasize quality over speed, which may mean it might take a bit longer. And we all already know how these things usually go…

So, for now, enjoy the latest update on the Bluebird 757 development and stay tuned for further news in the coming weeks and months!