The launch is imminent for the Fenix A320, release candidate being tested

This week has been rich with media content showcasing the phenomenal Fenix A320 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. It’s starting to look that the aircraft is not only living up to the hype, but actually surpassing it, which is just insane if we consider how much talk there’s been about this airplane. This is set to be a historical product for flight simulation, and judging by the developer’s latest words, it may just be right around the corner!

Of course we know the Fenix A320 is nearly ready to be released, following this week’s lift of the NDA and the consequent pouring of videos of the aircraft. The beta stage has now ended, and the team is currently testing a release candidate version that may very well be the one to be released to the public if no significant issues are found.

This update was brought to us, as usual, by Aamir Thacker himself, the most vocal member of Fenix Simulations. This time, however, not through a blog post but rather through the official Fenix Discord server. In a somewhat lengthy post, Aamir reveals that this release candidate version will now be with the team of testers for a couple of days. If no showstopper is found, this may very well be the signal the team needs to finally release the A320 for all common folks to enjoy!

Aamir also talks a bit about some things the team is already looking forward to improving after the launch. STriving for the ultimate realism and accuracy, Fenix hopes to implement a custom engine model in the near future since the default MSFS system doesn’t allow the existing simulation to quite match the real-world fuel consumption figures. There’s a 6% average deviation from the real numbers that the developers hope to eliminate with a fully customized “Fenix engine solution”.

It seems we are just short of the establishment of a release date for the Fenix A320, which we reckon may happen just in time for this weekend. However, Aamir says the exact date and time will be properly communicated beforehand. We’ll be keeping our eyes and ears open and let you know once Fenix issues new updates!