iFly previews external model of its 737 MAX 8 for Microsoft Flight Simulator

iFly has once again captured the attention of the Microsoft Flight Simulator community, following up on their initial tease in December with new developments on their 737 MAX 8 project. This week, they’ve shared a brief update alongside a series of captivating images taken within the virtual hangar of Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The latest visuals, enhanced by the favorable lighting conditions of the MSFS hangar, showcase the iFly 737 MAX 8 in impressive detail. Simmers will appreciate the meticulously crafted landing gear, complete with highly realistic wheels, the advanced CFM LEAP engines, the aerodynamically efficient scimitar winglets, and a few overall exceptional exterior views of the aircraft.

In addition to the exterior, iFly has indicated that the development of the interior model is progressing well, although images of the cabin and cockpit have yet to be released.

iFly 737 MAX 8 MSFS 11

iFly 737 MAX 8 MSFS 10

iFly 737 MAX 8 MSFS 9

iFly 737 MAX 8 MSFS 8

iFly 737 MAX 8 MSFS 7

iFly 737 MAX 8 MSFS 6

iFly 737 MAX 8 MSFS 5

iFly 737 MAX 8 MSFS 4

iFly 737 MAX 8 MSFS 3

iFly 737 MAX 8 MSFS 2

On the systems front, iFly has begun testing, albeit in the preliminary stages. While the project is not yet close to entering beta, this marks a significant step forward in the aircraft’s development.

And that’s all for now. A short but sweet update that indicates good progress from iFly on their 737 MAX for MSFS. As always, we’ll continue to track this project and bring you all the latest developments. For now, enjoy the new images!