Fenix Simulations delays Block 2 Update for the Airbus A320

Fenix Simulations has been a name synonymous with quality and innovation in the Microsoft Flight Simulator community. Earlier this year, they announced substantial updates to their A320 model and announced two new aircraft, the A319 and A321. However, the much-anticipated A320 V2 Block 2 update, initially slated for September and then delayed to October, has been postponed once more. Here’s what we know.

Aamir Thacker once again took to the company’s Discord server to address the delay. He acknowledged the team’s hard work, stating that the last month had been a “whirlwind of late nights, early mornings, and weekends” to meet the October deadline. Despite their best efforts, they could not complete the update in time.

Despite the setback, Aamir shared some exciting details and incredibly-detailed screenshots about what’s in store for Block 2, which include a stunning new visual model, the IAE engines and the external engine model, further avionics fixes, and Electronic Flight Bag version 2.

Fenix A320 Black 2 update MSFS 6

Fenix A320 Black 2 update MSFS 5

Fenix A320 Black 2 update MSFS 4

Fenix A320 Black 2 update MSFS 3

Fenix A320 Black 2 update MSFS 2

Fenix A320 Black 2 update MSFS 1

The delay comes after Fenix Simulations had already rolled out the A320 V2 Block 1 update, which brought over a thousand different changes across various domains.

This delay also raises questions about the timeline for the release of the new A319 and A321 models, initially set to launch by the end of the year. However, Aamir’s statement also highlights the team’s commitment to quality and their willingness to take the time necessary to deliver an exceptional product.

A delay is often frustrating for simmers looking forward to exciting new things, but Fenix Simulations has always delivered the goods in impressive ways. This time, there’s no guidance for when the update might come, but fret not. As Aamir concluded, “We’ll keep pushing with our slightly unhinged working hours to get this over the line as soon as we can.”