Horizon Simulations previews upcoming 747-8F mod for Microsoft Flight Simulator

The time is coming to take the Queen of the Skies into some long-haul cargo deliveries in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Horizon Simulations has previewed this week its forthcoming Boeing 747-8F mod for MSFS, showcasing the external model and animations of this massive and iconic aircraft.

The mod is being developed by Death Actual, who has been diligently working on the project for the past few months. The aim is to provide simmers with a 747-8F model that closely mimics the real aircraft. To achieve this, Death Actual has taken Asobo’s default 747-8i model and overhauled it comprehensively.

The modifications include new door animations, an animated nose cone, revamped upper deck windows, and a host of other enhancements. Although a detailed features list was not provided, Horizon Simulations did share several screenshots and videos to showcase the ongoing work.

Horizon Simulations Boeing 747 8F MSFS 3

Horizon Simulations Boeing 747 8F MSFS 2

Horizon Simulations Boeing 747 8F MSFS 4

Horizon Simulations Boeing 747 8F MSFS 5

This is definitely an exciting new model addition to the sim, especially given the lack of freighter aircraft in MSFS. Horizon Simulations has previously been known for their work on Airbus models from LatinVFR, a work that is now at stake after LatinVFR decided to forbid modding of their upcoming widebody airliners – the A330 and A340. This shift towards a Boeing aircraft (the 787-9 is also in development) is definitely an interesting move.

In line with Horizon Simulations’ standard approach, the 747-8F mod will be made available to the community at no cost. However, the release date has not yet been disclosed.