DC Designs previews the Harrier Jump Jet, launching for MSFS in September!

DC Designs continues to cover a lot of ground with the development of the Harrier Jump Jet for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Following the Concorde’s release back in March, Dean Crawford shifted his focus to the iconic V/STOL aircraft, estimating a release during this summer.

We’re used to seeing DC Designs sharing weekly development updates about the ongoing operations for new and existing products. This week’s update was devoted to the Harrier, which is now well underway for a release in September, just a few weeks away! It’s also expected to be released simultaneously to simmers on the PC and Xbox.

The developer shared new WIP preview images of the Harrier in MSFS, showcasing the current state of both the exterior and the interior of the aircraft. The good news is that the external model is now about 95% complete, while the cockpit continues to get the necessary details to become the welcoming and operational home of virtual pilots looking to fly this airplane in MSFS.

DC Designs Harrier Jump Jet MSFS 10

DC Designs Harrier Jump Jet MSFS 9

DC Designs Harrier Jump Jet MSFS 8

DC Designs Harrier Jump Jet MSFS 6

DC Designs Harrier Jump Jet MSFS 5

DC Designs Harrier Jump Jet MSFS 4

DC Designs Harrier Jump Jet MSFS 3

DC Designs Harrier Jump Jet MSFS 2

DC Designs Harrier Jump Jet MSFS 1

DC Designs says that there are still hundreds of little bits and pieces to add to the cockpit, but one major component is already enjoying the views from the Harrier’s canopy: the Asobo pilot model, a “nice addition” that comes with some cool perks, such as accurate animations that follow the control inputs from the pilot.

DC Designs has previously promised that its Harrier for MSFS will be a fully V/STOL-capable machine, with performance impacted by environmental conditions during hovering mode. Wind and bad weather should prove to be especially challenging conditions when taking off and landing vertically, and it’s something DC Designs hopes to get just right with their rendition of the Harrier for MSFS.

The DC Designs Harrier II is now “definitely a September 2022 launch“, a slight delay over the initially estimated release date. This means that the other DC Designs project scheduled for this year, the F-4J Phantom, has now been pushed towards the very end of the year. It may become a nice Christmas present for some!

DC Designs should provide more comprehensive details about the Harrier’s features in the upcoming updates. For now, enjoy the latest selection of shots here and on the developer’s Facebook page!