AzurPoly reveals new details about their OV-10 Bronco for Microsoft Flight Simulator

It was just two weeks ago that Azurpoly announced their exciting new aircraft project for Microsoft Flight Simulator, the OV-10 Bronco. At the time, the team didn’t share much about the project beyond a teaser image, but they’ve now come to the front to unleash a few interesting tidbits that set the tone for what’s coming.

This announcement comes on the heels of their acclaimed C-160 Transall, which earned great reviews for its high-fidelity model, immersive cockpit, detailed systems, and overall flight behavior.

The OV-10 Bronco, a twin-turboprop observation aircraft, was originally designed in the 1960s by North American Aviation (later Rockwell International) for counter-insurgency and light attack duties. Its unique design features a central nacelle containing the cockpit and cargo space, with twin booms supporting the tail. The aircraft served across various branches of the U.S. military and was flown by other nations as well.

AzurPoly OV 10 Bronco MSFS 3

AzurPoly OV 10 Bronco MSFS 2 1

The Bronco is renowned for its ability to operate in hostile zones, performing short takeoffs and landings on improvised runways and even aircraft carriers.

AzurPoly’s project for MSFS is based on the OV-10B version of the Bronco, a target towing variant for Germany, which has only minor differences compared to the original Bronco. This version features a different rear cockpit disposal with a transparent dome for the tow operator and removed sponsons under the fuselage as no weapons are embarked. The OV-10B has been cosmetically transformed to resemble the US Marines OV-10A for this project.

The French-based studio has been fortunate to gain access to one of the rare flying Broncos in Europe, thanks to the Musée Européen de l’Aviation de Chasse. This aircraft can still be seen today at numerous airshows sometimes performing parachutists dropping.

With this new update, AzurPoly has shared some images of both the exterior and the interior of the Bronco, showcasing the well-advanced 3D modeling and texturing. The team is committed to creating the best aircraft possible and is actively seeking input from real Bronco pilots or mechanics who wish to contribute to the project.

AzurPoly OV 10 Bronco MSFS 1 1

AzurPoly OV 10 Bronco MSFS 4

While the OV-10 Bronco has a military origin, it has seen remarkable service outside the combat zone, particularly in fire management. Notably, the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CalFire) has been utilizing the OV-10 Bronco since the 1990s. It would be fantastic to have this particular aircraft represented in AzurPoly’s package, but it’s still unclear at this point if they will concede this wish to the community.

As with their previous projects, AzurPoly is developing the OV-10 Bronco with high-quality models and textures, replicating the aircraft’s unique features and flight characteristics. While the exact release date is yet to be announced, we should expect a great flight experience, with precise handling, rich sound design, and excellent graphics.

Stay tuned for future updates on the development of the AzurPoly OV-10 Bronco, a project that promises to bring a new and intriguing aircraft to the world of Microsoft Flight Simulator!