Choose your career with NeoFly 4, now available for Microsoft Flight Simulator

NeoFly is one of the best “career” mods for Microsoft Flight Simulator, allowing simmers to take on the role of a pilot and complete various missions such as cargo delivery, passenger transport, emergency medical flights, and more. It’s a free tool designed to bring a sense of purpose to MSFS, where simmers can earn money from missions and upgrade their qualifications to accept better missions and fly larger aircraft.

We’ve covered NeoFly before and I’ve personally used it extensively since the early days of MSFS. It has seen continuous improvements over time that have taken the software to a brand new version 4, which completely overhauls the user interface and offers pilots more freedom and choices on how they use the app and its capabilities.

NeoFly has been in closed beta for over a year, a longer period than anticipated by the developers, but it’s now finally available for everyone to use. It remains free, with optional paid perks that augment the experience in one way or another.

NeoFly 4 MSFS career mod free 5.png

If you’ve previously dipped your wings into NeoFly, you might find NeoFly 4 is not a simple point A to B quest. It mirrors a real-world piloting experience that nudges you to up your strategic game and answer, “I own my aircraft. What will I do with it today?”

In essence, NeoFly 4 manages to cleverly translate your aircraft into a vehicle of opportunities. With its market items and job lists, you can design your missions around your exact preferences and onboard capacity. Importantly, there’s no rush: jobs stay lodged in your aircraft until completed, regardless of whether that’s on the same day or a week later.

Unlike NeoFly 3, which required manual mission kickoffs, connecting NeoFly 4 to your MSFS is hassle-free and transparent. You’ll find yourself immersed in the flight and it will be automatically recorded and contribute to your career progress in NeoFly, even if you’re not actively engaged in any of the missions.

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Styling your flight is remarkably flexible. Picked up a 600nm cargo job but also fancy a 50nm passenger trip along the same route? No problem! Cargo stays put till you drop it off, allowing you to mix, match, and layer your jobs. You could whisk your passengers to their destination, add more jobs if you fancy, and spread that lengthy 600nm journey over days.

Emulating true-life scenarios, NeoFly 4 even considers the occasional poor visibility or risky landing conditions. Instead of plowing through, you could divert to a safer airport, grab a few extra jobs if you have room, or rent a different aircraft if yours is at max capacity.

NeoFly 4 greatly expands on the capabilities of the previous version, adding even more ways you enjoy your sessions in MSFS. This is something many simmers have wanted, a way to build some sort of career as a pilot in MSFS, exploring the world while gaining points and money that offer a sense of purpose and motivation for the next flight. It’s no coincidence that MSFS 2024 will focus exactly on that. We got that very much clear during our interview with Jorg and Seb from the MSFS team!

Who knows what the future holds for NeoFly, but one thing is certain: it’s certainly among the best ways to make you feel like your flights in MSFS can mean something.

NeoFly 4 is out now as a free download from the official website.