Aerosoft announces “new” Airbus airliner for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Aerosoft may be yet to launch its highly-anticipated Airbus A330ceo for Microsoft Flight Simulator, but the studio has already unveiled what aircraft they will be working on next. It’s another Airbus, but probably not the one you’d be looking for: it’s the… A330neo.

It’s a decision that seems to make financial sense, as they will be able to grab much of the work done for the A330ceo and make the necessary upgrades to the more modern variant, and maybe sell it for a lower price. Aerosoft previously asked the community what they would like to see next, but it was clear from the onset that it wouldn’t be anything extraordinarily exciting. After all, the studio mentioned the unfeasibility of making the A350 due to the unavailability of detailed data, or FlyByWire’s efforts with the A380, to forego any of those more exciting airplanes.

Predictably, Aerosoft’s choice to develop the A330neo has elicited mixed reactions from the simming community. Mathijs Kok’s announcement on Aerosoft’s forums was mostly met with disappointment, with some noting the existence of the great freeware version of the A330neo from Headwind and the lack of a range of additional A330ceo variants.

Aerosoft a330 msfs 2
The A330ceo seems to be quickly approaching its release for MSFS.

It’s arguable that many simmers might be satisfied with just one variant of the A330 and might not see the value in purchasing a new version with different engines. However, Mathijs explained that the company’s decisions are based on a variety of factors, not just the MSFS platform. They also work on projects for advertising, professional simulation projects, movies, and more, so they need to take that into account for every new aircraft they set out to develop.

The A330neo is an updated version of the popular A330 wide-body airliner, featuring new Rolls-Royce Trent 7000 engines, aerodynamic improvements, and an updated cabin. It’s by no means an uninteresting airplane, but will it be enough to attract interest from those who will already have the A330ceo by that time? Let us know your thoughts below!