Aerosoft is working on the Airbus A330 for MSFS, but they would like to know what you want next

After the recent release of the Twin Otter, which was received to somewhat mixed reviews but has thankfully been getting some welcome updates, Aerosoft is already full steam ahead with what seems to be the studio’s next airplanes for MSFS, the Airbus A330.

While that project is moving along now with all the resources it needs, Aerosoft is starting to plan what may be coming next, and they seem focused on bringing other airplanes from the Airbus family into the simulator. To help deciding what exact model they should work on, Mathijs Kok asked in the company’s forum what simmers would like Aerosoft to build next… as long as its an Airbus… and it’s not the A350 or the A380.

Aerosoft is looking for the next commercial success, so there’s a few choices rulled out, like the A380, which they see as uninteresting as it already is for real-world airlines, and it’s model that FlyByWire is already working on for MSFS. As for the A350, there simply isn’t enough data available outside the Airbus headquarters that makes possible the development of an accurate and realistic add-on. It’s unfortunate, because these two are likely to be the most sought-after models among simmers.

Given the above, the logical step would be an aircraft in the A320 family, but that’s also a bit saturated at this moment, with FlyByWire’s excellent offering and also with the imminent release of the Fenix Simulations A320. Aerosoft does say that the smaller variants (A318/A319) would probably be an attractive choice.

It seems there really aren’t many options left, are there? Maybe the A340? Or even the more modern A220? What would be your suggestion? Let us know in the comments below, and also make sure to share your ideas directly with Aerosoft, by replying in the appropriate forum thread linked above.