Carenado revamps aircraft fleet for Microsoft Flight Simulator with Version 2.0 updates

Carenado, sometimes bashed for lack of support for released airplanes, is trying to shed that infamous past with a comprehensive update to its fleet of aircraft in Microsoft Flight Simulator. The developer has issued Version 2.0 updates to 5 popular aircraft, looking to fix some persisting issues while improving a few key areas of the experience.

These updates are now available for the following aircraft:

  • PC12
  • C337 Skymaster
  • C170B
  • PA34 Seneca V
  • PA28R Arrow III

The Version 2.0 upgrades come with a host of improvements, including better integration of WT GNS 530/430, TDS GTN 750, and PMS GTN 750xi. Additionally, Carenado has improved engine sounds and overall flight dynamics, adding new liveries for some aircraft and redesigning the entire electrical system. The company has also switched to MS pilot avatars, which is something many users have been requesting for a long time.

Carenado v2 updates MSFS

Engine startup and heat effects have been improved, and static wicks and other animations have been fixed. The update also includes minor bug fixes and improvements that promise to deliver a more stable and enjoyable flight experience.

Here’s the full release notes as shared by Carenado:

  • Improved integration of WT GNS 530/430, TDS GTN 750 and PMS GTN 750xi.
  • Improved engine sounds.
  • Improved overall flight dynamics.
  • Added new liveries (in some aircraft).
  • Redesigned entire electrical system.
  • Switched to MS pilot avatars for broader selection.
  • Improved VR compatibility.
  • Improved engine startup and heat effects.
  • Fixed static wicks and other animations.
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements.

These updates are now available through the Content Manager in Microsoft Flight Simulator.