GazSim releases Hostomel Airport for MSFS, the home of the An-225

The home of the Antonov An-225 Mriya. UKKM Hostomel Airport, in Ukraine, turned into a battleground on February 24th, 2022, when Russian forces attacked the facility and started what became known as the Battle of Hostomel. The airport was heavily damaged during the invasion, which resulted in the loss of many historic Antonov airplanes, including the mighty An-225. Today, Hostomel Airport is waiting for rebuilding efforts to begin, but MSFS simmers can get a glimpse into its former glory with GazSim’s brand new airport release, which pays tribute to this location in the simulator.

GazSim’s recreation of UKKM is designed to pay tribute to the lives lost at Hostomel Airport and the legacy of the AN-225 and its sister craft. To that end, the developer says that he has meticulously recreated all of the Antonov aircraft based at Hostomel Airport, including some that were not originally located there. From the high engine-mounted An-74 to the An-2 historical workhorse (coming soon to MSFS), from the mighty breadth of the An-22 and its enchanting navigation windows to the marvel of engineering that is the Mriya, all of these airplanes are a piece of Ukrainian and Antonov history that simmers can now see in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

UKKM Hostomel Airport MSFS 9

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UKKM Hostomel Airport MSFS 5

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UKKM Hostomel Airport MSFS 3

GazSim’s Hostomel Airport for MSFS comes with a host of interesting features. It includes over 50 custom static and animated buildings and aircraft with 2K and 4K PBR materials. The famous An-225 hangar features a static An-225 aircraft that de-spawns when players choose to fly their own An-225 or an aircraft of their choice.

Two animated hangars, based on their real-world counterparts, automatically open their doors from 8 AM to 8 PM, and players can manually open them after hours. GazSim added a particularly special feature that enables simmers to view the tragic aftermath of the Antonov AN-225’s demise on February 24th, 2022, with a representation of the destroyed aircraft and hangar.

This scenery also includes over 10 Antonov static and animated aircraft, featuring the An-2, An-22, An-30, An-70, An-74, An-148, An-124, An-225, Bayraktar drones, various spare supply craft, Ukrainian buses, and even some special guest tractors.

UKKM Hostomel Airport MSFS 8
Setting the date to Feb 24, 2022, shows the devastating effects of the attack.

Simmers can also enjoy an animated entrance gate for the airport staff, an animated shuttle bus route, and a staff recreational area. The main taxiway corridor has been transformed into a history museum with a variety of Antonov aircraft, each with a small display with information about its history and origins.

GazSim’s rendition of UKKM for MSFS seems to be a thoughtful and comprehensive tribute to the legacy of Antonov and Hostomel Airport. The developer is also looking to contribute to the rebuilding efforts for the An-225, by donating 10% of the net proceeds of sales.

UKKM Hostomel International Airport is now available through Orbx, priced at around €9,41 | £8.31 | $10.06