The Aerosoft A330 looks stunning in the latest previews!

Aerosoft continues to work on multiple projects for MSFS. Offshore Landmarks: North Sea was the latest to come out a couple of weeks ago, but it’s the Airbus A330 that is arguably the most interesting upcoming project from the team, and it’s a project that we’ve been following for quite a while. Today, we’re bringing you the latest developments about the Aerosoft A330, and there is some good and some less good news…

Let’s start with the good stuff! The latest work-in-progress/preview images of the aircraft shared by Aerosoft are simply stunning! They are related to the external model of the aircraft and showcase a superbly-detailed fuselage, from the very accurate 3D model to the impressive usage of textures and decals that seem to fully take advantage of the rendering engine in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Just looks at those reflections!

Aerosoft A330 exterior previews liveries msfs5
A close-up shot of Lufthansa’s A330 seen above.

Aerosoft’s artists seem to be on top of their game when it comes to the use of modeling and materials to create high-quality graphics for the simulator. This also extends to the few liveries showcased in these screenshots, which represent popular operators of the aircraft: Lufthansa, Swiss Air, Virgin Atlantic, and Eurowings.

Aerosoft A330 exterior previews liveries msfs4

Aerosoft A330 exterior previews liveries msfs3

Aerosoft A330 exterior previews liveries msfs2

Aerosoft A330 exterior previews liveries msfs1

This is our best look yet into the A330’s exterior. Previously, Aerosoft showed an early preview of the EFB where we got to see the nicely-designed interface, SimBrief and Navigraph integration, some customizability settings, and more.

Aerosoft is still refraining from sharing details about the price for the package, but it’s not expected to be “very high”. The team hopes to eventually bring the A330 to the Xbox, once the WASM issues are finally fixed (it shouldn’t take long!).

Unfortunately, unless Aerosoft is planning some kind of surprise for us, it looks like the promised release this year will not be met. Project Manager Mathijs Kok is currently not saying a word about the release date after multiple inquiries on Aerosoft’s forums. I might be wrong, but it looks like the A330 is for sure seeing the light of day in… 2023. We’ll keep you posted!