Pyreegue Dev Co teases Belfast International Airport for MSFS

Pyreegue Dev Co has made some of the most detailed custom airports for Microsoft Flight Simulator, with impressive locations such as Edinburgh and Glasgow Airports, in the UK, or Lviv and Odesa, in Ukraine. The developer is now continuing to work in the United Kingdom and is preparing the release of a brand new airport in Northern Ireland: Belfast International Airport (EGAA).

The developer has used the last few weeks to share an increasing number of teaser images and videos of this scenery, which may point to a release in the not-to-distant future. It’s such an impressive project that we couldn’t help but share it with you, our readers!

Let’s start with three short videos published by Pyreegue Dev Co last month, demoing some of the impressive features that will be included in the product.

The first shows us the perspective of an airliner arriving at the gate, with the terminal in front. This is a perfect example of good use of interior terminal modeling, an often criticized “gimmick” that, when well implemented, can greatly increase the levels of realism and immersion – not so much by the opportunity to visit the terminal, but rather for making the airport feel alive to arriving and departing pilots.

The other two videos follow the same line, showing the interior of the terminal from an outside perspective. Notice the included animations, from the people moving inside, to the fan blades rotating in a wall-mounted AC unit! Everything looks very realistic, with great-looking models of the buildings and objects and the use of photorealistic textures. Splendid!

Pyreegue Belfast Airport MSFS preview 9

Pyreegue Belfast Airport MSFS preview 8

Pyreegue Belfast Airport MSFS preview 7

Pyreegue Belfast Airport MSFS preview 6

Pyreegue Belfast Airport MSFS preview 5

Pyreegue Belfast Airport MSFS preview 4

Pyreegue Belfast Airport MSFS preview 3

Pyreegue Belfast Airport MSFS preview 2

Besides these very cool videos, Pyreguee has also used its social media to share still shots of Belfast Airport, yet again showcasing the impressive level of attention to detail that the developer is well-known for. There’s plenty to see here, from high-quality static models of cars, airplanes, helicopters, ground services, interiors, and much more.

It’s clear that Pyreegue is yet again striving for an ultra-high-quality scenery with this rendition of Belfast Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator. A release is expected this summer, even though the developer does not provide an estimated date for the launch. As usual, we’ll let you know once we have further information, but expect another brilliant new airport for MSFS, in line with notable recent releases like FlyTampa’s Corfu, RDPresets’ Naples Airport, or Digital Design’s Lyon Airport!