See here the latest images of the Twin Otter from Aerosoft

One of the longest waited new airplanes for MSFS, the Aerosoft Twin Otter, is turning into an elusive project, extensively previewed for months and still without a clear release date, although it’s expected to come out until the end of this year.

At this point, we’ve seen so much of the Twin Otter that it’s difficult to have something new. However, these past few days Aerosoft shared some new images of the aircraft, showing the current work with the weather effects on the airplane, particularly when it comes to icing. Again, these are a very impressive few images that continue to raise our expectations for this aircraft.

twin otter msfs 5

twin otter msfs 1

twin otter msfs 6

The Twin Otter is currently undergoing a beta stage, so it’s already in the hands of some lucky pilots who have had the opportunity to try it first hand and provide some helpful feedback in these last stages of development. Hopefully, this is a good indication that we are finally arriving at a day where Aerosoft will unveil the exact release date for MSFS.

While you drool on these new shots, make sure to check our coverage of the Twin Otter development below, where you can learn about its expected features, see a variety of images and also some videos.

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