(Now available!) Aerosoft previews Antarctica Vol. 1 for MSFS, starring the long-awaited Twin Otter

Update – September 23th: Well, it didn’t take long. Aerosoft and LimeSim released today this very impressive package. It’s now available for just under 15€.


  • Lots of animation including animals, vehicle, boats and people, including likely the first animated penguins and chain vehicles in flight simulator
  • Custom created sounds of animals and vehicles (probably the first scenery in MSFS with sounds attached)
  • Coverage beyond the base with stunning glacier cliffs dropping into the sea
  • Hundreds of thousands of animated icebergs in a larger area around the base (at times it can be possible that the approach is blocked by a huge iceberg passing through)
  • Offsite locations of automated monitoring stations (marked as POIs so you can fly there for regular checks performing rough landings out in the field)
  • Offsite landing strips of two British field locations with custom models and improved terrain imagery/elevation data: Sky Blu and Fossil Bluff
  • Emergency airstrip location on the glacier above Rothera (alternative landing strip that MUST be used by local aircraft if there are incoming overseas aircraft)
  • Carefully crafted landscape to merge with surround landscape – including updated waterbodies
  • Special technique used to add wind shear details to the vast white lands on the glacier
  • Manual with dozens of pages of inside knowledge on flying in Antarctica, plus flight plans and simple charts

Announcement article below

Aerosoft is nearing the completion of a new scenery package for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Antarctica Vol. 1 – British Rothera and Beyond will be coming out soon, and we have a nice trailer video that showcases not only the scenery itself but, perhaps even more notably, also provides a variety of awesome exterior and interior views of the upcoming Twin Otter from Aerosoft.

The ‘Antarctica Vol. 1 – British Rothera and Beyond’ scenery will be a virtual depiction of the station for MSFS, with its crushed rock runway and supporting buildings and structures, which are crucial as the logistics platform serving the British base. Located on a rock and surrounded by water and mountains, Rothera is a remote but very picturesque location in Antarctica, a perfect base to explore this continent in MSFS – quite probably the closest you will get from the real thing!

Aerosoft has added the Fossil Bluff and Sky Blu stations further south, effectively replicating a real-world playground for the rugged Twin Otteran aircraft that Aerosoft is also working hard on to bring to MSFS soon. We’ve seen extensive previews of the aircraft already, but the trailer video for Antarctica Vol. 1 provides some of the best views yet of the aircraft, living the life it was created for: to operate in tough conditions without breaking a sweat.

The Twin Otter that we can see in the video sports the striking British Antarctic Survey livery in strong red color, ideal to contrast against the neverending white landscape below. It’s also equipped with skis, as it should, given the terrain where it operates in this remote region of the world.

While we’re still waiting for a clear timeframe concerning the release of the Twin Otter for MSFS, Aerosoft says that Antarctica Vol. 1 – British Rothera and Beyond, on the other hand, is coming out soon for MSFS. As for the Otter, last we heard, it had its model mostly finished, with most of the work now falling on the systems.

In the end, this scenery announcement from Aerosoft and its teaser video raise a few questions. Clearly, Aerosoft is looking to promote two of its upcoming products in tandem, so does it mean they won’t be too far apart? How frustrating it would be to have this great scenery without the perfect aircraft to explore it, as promoted by Aerosoft itself? Let’s wait and see! As usual, stay tuned on our news stream to learn more details about each of these products from Aerosoft.

Aerosoft Antarctica Rothera Twin Otter MSFS 1

Aerosoft Antarctica Rothera Twin Otter MSFS 12

Aerosoft Antarctica Rothera Twin Otter MSFS 11

Aerosoft Antarctica Rothera Twin Otter MSFS 10

Aerosoft Antarctica Rothera Twin Otter MSFS 8

Aerosoft Antarctica Rothera Twin Otter MSFS 7

Aerosoft Antarctica Rothera Twin Otter MSFS 5

Aerosoft Antarctica Rothera Twin Otter MSFS 4

Aerosoft Antarctica Rothera Twin Otter MSFS 3

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