Here’s the latest news on Just Flight’s Fokker F70/100 Professional for MSFS

It’s been a while since we’ve brought you updates on the development of the Just Flight Fokker 70 and 100 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The last few months have seen an uptick in activity from Just Flight, who have shared new insights into the ongoing work on these classic airliner simulations. The team is applying its tried-and-tested methods to deliver what we hope will be another highly engaging and high-quality aircraft!

Throughout the last few months, Just Flight’s commitment to its F70/100 for MSFS has been marked by significant strides in both visuals and function. Their latest updates have touched on several aspects of the aircraft, from the cockpit’s intricate details to the nuanced sounds of its engines and the variety of real-world liveries that will come with the package.

Let’s start inside the aircraft to check out the cockpit of the Fokkers, which leverages new high-resolution textures derived from actual in-service Fokker aircraft. The F70 and F100 for MSFS will include textures that depict real-world wear and tear, such as scuff marks and subtle surface imperfections, which reflect years of operational use.

Just Flight Fokker 70 100 MSFS 7

Just Flight Fokker 70 100 MSFS 6

Just Flight Fokker 70 100 MSFS 5

Just Flight Fokker 70 100 MSFS 4

Just Flight Fokker 70 100 MSFS 3.PNG

Just Flight Fokker 70 100 MSFS 2.PNG

Just Flight Fokker 70 100 MSFS 1

The detailed work includes reworked switches and knobs that now feature higher resolution models, ensuring that these components are not only visually appealing but also interactively accurate. The textured surfaces now include variations in reflectivity and texture depth, adding to the overall tactile feel of the cockpit environment.

SimAcoustics’ successful recording of the Fokker’s engine sounds was also a significant logistical achievement. Their team, equipped with high-end audio recording gear, finally managed to capture the unique acoustic signatures of the Rolls-Royce Tay 620 and 650 engines during a maintenance run after years of perseverance.

This long-awaited effort included capturing the distinct sounds of engine start-ups, idles, and various power settings, which are characterized by their unique tonal and volume variations at different operation levels. The audio fidelity is such that simmers can expect to hear a realistic replication of engine noises, from the gentle whirr of the engines spinning up to the full-throated roar at higher power settings.

Just Flight Fokker 70 100 MSFS 12.PNG

In terms of systems, the Just Flight team has integrated complex hydraulic, flight control, and landing gear systems. These systems have been meticulously animated to mirror real-world operations, including the realistic deployment and retraction sequences of the landing gear and the dynamic response of the flight controls to pilot inputs.

The hydraulic system simulation includes accurate modeling of pressure fluctuations and emergency scenarios, providing pilots with challenges and experiences that closely mimic flying the actual aircraft.

Simmers looking to see their favorite F70/100 livery in Just Flight’s package are in luck, as the team has prepared a series of liveries that chronicle the aircraft’s operational history across several continents and airlines.

Each livery is based on extensive research to ensure historical accuracy, with correct color palettes and markings reflective of different time periods and operational contexts. From the iconic bare metal livery of American Airlines to the vibrant colors of Air Niugini, each scheme is designed to offer simmers a visually stunning experience.

Just Flight Fokker 70 100 MSFS 19.PNG

Just Flight Fokker 70 100 MSFS 17.PNG

Just Flight Fokker 70 100 MSFS 15.PNG

Just Flight Fokker 70 100 MSFS 14.PNG

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Just Flight Fokker 70 100 MSFS 10.PNG

Just Flight Fokker 70 100 MSFS 9.PNG

Just Flight Fokker 70 100 MSFS 8.PNG

Looking ahead, Just Flight is focusing on implementing advanced autopilot and autothrottle systems, which will closely replicate the functionalities found in the original Fokker aircraft. These systems are crucial for enhancing flight handling characteristics and providing pilots with reliable tools for managing the aircraft’s performance under various flight conditions.

Just Flight’s F70/100 Professional for Microsoft Flight Simulator promises to be another stunning classic airliner simulation that will keep simmers engaged for hours on end. These airplanes offer a delightful departure from more modern airliners, providing a hands-on piloting experience that is both enjoyable and engrossing. As always, we’ll continue to follow these developments closely!