FlyByWire releases stunning sneak peek into the upcoming A380X for Microsoft Flight Simulator

FlyByWire Simulations released today a fantastic new video showcasing the progress on the eagerly anticipated A380 for Microsoft Flight Simulator!

Initially shared during a presentation at FSWeekend, the detailed 10-minute video offers a gorgeous preview of the aircraft’s advanced features and functionalities, emphasizing the meticulous attention to detail and realism the team is bringing to this simulation of the largest passenger aircraft in the world.

During the video, we can see some of the systems in play, but FlyByWire noted that everything is still a work in progress. However, the visuals are certainly striking, both inside and out, with very detailed texturing and an overall very high-quality and polished look.

Sound design received special attention in the demonstration, highlighting the immersive audio experience from the APU start-up to the takeoff roll. The presentation ended with the engine shutdown and a very cool transition to the A380’s cabin, giving viewers a glimpse into the passenger experience.

Despite looking quite advanced already, the FlyByWire A380 remains a work in progress, with no indication of a possible release date. As always, we will continue to monitor FlyByWire’s progress on this ambitious project and provide updates as they become available.