SOUTH OAK CO releases “Real Effects” for the Asobo and FBW A320neo

South Oak Co has released a new aircraft effects package for Microsoft Flight Simulator. After doing the same for the Boeing 747 last month, the developer is now offering a range of cool visual effects for the Asobo and FlyByWire A320.

“Real Effects” for the Airbus A320neo brings a suite of physics-based effects to the widely popular airliner, offering an increased level of visual realism that promises to make for some eye-catching screenshots. Here’s a detailed look at what this add-on brings to your flight simulation experience:

  1. Engine Intake Vortices: The add-on simulates the powerful vortices created by the aircraft’s engines, dynamically responding to throttle adjustments and showcasing the raw energy of the engines.
  2. Saint Elmo’s Fire: Pilots can experience the rare phenomenon of Saint Elmo’s Fire, with static electricity visibly dancing across the windscreen during thunderstorms, adding an electrifying element to stormy flights.
  3. Engine Strake Vortices: The add-on accurately represents the complex aerodynamics of engine strake vortices, enhancing the authenticity of the flight experience as these vortices interact with the air.
  4. Wing Condensation: As the aircraft’s wings cut through humid air, condensation visibly forms along their edges, with the effect dynamically responding to changes in altitude, temperature, and humidity.
  5. Engine Intake Condensation: Pilots will see condensation within the engine intakes, which varies with the engine’s thrust, adding to the immersive experience.
South Oak Real Effects A320 MSFS 8

South Oak Real Effects A320 MSFS 7

South Oak Real Effects A320 MSFS 6

South Oak Real Effects A320 MSFS 5

South Oak Real Effects A320 MSFS 4

South Oak Real Effects A320 MSFS 3

South Oak Real Effects A320 MSFS 1

  1. Flap Trailing Vortices: The deployment of flaps comes to life with trailing vortices that are simulated to swirl and dissipate, mirroring the real-world aerodynamic effects.
  2. Engine Jet Blast Effects: In adverse weather, the engine exhaust interacts with rain and snow, creating a visual blend of weather conditions and engine power.
  3. Smoke from Overheated Brakes: The add-on includes smoke effects from overheated brakes, serving as a visual warning for the consequences of intense braking.
  4. Engine Fires: Simmers can experience the intensity and challenge of engine fires, adding a layer of emergency situation realism to the simulation.
  5. Engine and APU Start-Up Smoke: The visual effect of jet fuel igniting is simulated for engine and APU start-ups, enhancing the start-up procedure realism.
  6. Enhanced Three-Dimensional Landing Lights: The landing lights have been given a three-dimensional upgrade, providing stunning illumination effects, especially when flying through clouds.
  7. Authentic Contrails: Contrails have been enhanced to more accurately display the spiraling air mass and wake turbulence vortices that occur in the wake of the aircraft.

For those looking to enrich the effects of their A320 in MSFS, SOUTH OAK’s “Real Effects” is now available for purchase through Simmarket for just €8.00 + tax.