Captain Sim is back, now with the Boeing 717 for MSFS

Captain Sim, a name that lately resonates with skepticism within the flight simulation community, has announced their latest offering for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020: the Boeing 717-200 Base Pack. This new add-on promises to deliver a set of two highly detailed digital replicas of the Boeing 717-200 equipped with Rolls-Royce BR715 engines. But before you hit that ‘Buy Now’ button, let’s delve into what you can expect, and perhaps more importantly, what you should be cautious about.

Captain Sim Boeing 717 200 MSFS 6

What’s on Offer?

Captain Sim’s releases for MSFS have not exactly been a success with simmers, who have praised little more than the detailed external models of each aircraft. In the case of the venerable 717, Captain Sim promises a model with high-resolution textures, a cabin with 3D windows and interiors, animated pilots, and realistic animations. The cockpit and cabin are designed to replicate the classic 717-200 flight deck, with a brand-new model built from scratch. It also supports common features of MSFS, including rain and icing effects.

The Grain of Salt

While the feature list is impressive, it’s essential to approach Captain Sim’s latest release with a discerning eye. The developer has a somewhat checkered history when it comes to the accuracy and appropriateness of their aircraft systems. Often, they have been known to release visually stunning external models that unfortunately feature base-sim systems that may not be entirely accurate or appropriate to the type of aircraft being simulated.

Captain Sim Boeing 717 200 MSFS 5

Captain Sim Boeing 717 200 MSFS 3

Captain Sim Boeing 717 200 MSFS 1

For the 717, the pack claims to simulate essential functionality such as the autopilot, electrical, hydraulic, and fuel systems, among others… but we already know how they usually implement these functions, borrowing them from the stock airliners.

So, while the 717-200 Base Pack may look good on the surface for the uninformed simmer, it’s worth waiting for reviews and community feedback to gauge the depth and accuracy of its systems.

Captain Sim Boeing 717 200 MSFS 4

Captain Sim Boeing 717 200 MSFS 2

In the end, Captain Sim’s 717-200 Base Pack for MSFS may be an interesting addition to the platform for casual simmers who don’t go deep into the simulation aspects of each airplane. For everyone else, given the developer’s track record, it would be prudent to exercise caution.

Captain Sim’s 717-200 Base Pack is out now via the developer’s website, priced at $18.88.