Afl0Sim releases Bulgaria’s Sofia Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator

It’s no secret that Eastern Europe presents a captivating canvas of both challenge and charm, offering simmers a wide range of destinations and sightseeing opportunities to enjoy while flying in this region. When you set your flight plan towards cities like Budapest, Warsaw, or Sofia, you’re not just embarking on a standard route, but diving deep into a rich tapestry of ancient cultures and stunning landscapes. The MSFS team even recognised that recently with World Update 14, focused on a part of this region in the Old Continent.

Today we’re bringing your attention to a new airport that is specially tailored to simmers flying commercial routes around these premises. Afl0Sim has just rolled out their rendition of Bulgaria’s Sofia Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator, the main commercial airport in the country and a base for domestic airlines such as Bulgaria Air and BH Air, but also popular international operators like Ryanair and Wizz Air

MSFS Sofia Airport 10

MSFS Sofia Airport 9

MSFS Sofia Airport 8

MSFS Sofia Airport 2

Nestled in the heart of Bulgaria, Sofia Airport (LBSF) is the largest international airport in Bulgaria and boasts a blend of contemporary and historical architecture. Simmers flying in and out will encounter a diverse range of aircraft and routes, ranging from short regional hops to long-haul intercontinental flights. The dynamic landscapes surrounding the airport, from the rolling hills to the distant mountain peaks, make it a visual treat and a challenge, especially for those who love a scenic approach.

Afl0Sim has previously released this airport for FSX and P3D, which garnered good reviews from users. This is a good sign for their MSFS version of Sofia Airport, which promises a faithful representation of this airport in the simulator.

MSFS Sofia Airport 3

MSFS Sofia Airport 6

MSFS Sofia Airport 4

MSFS Sofia Airport 7

Their description teases an “accurate representation with great visuals,” which means simmers can expect a detailed and true-to-life rendition of LBSF. They’ve also infused the airport with life and dynamism: moving jetways, animated people, and other lively animations that truly bring Sofia Airport to life. Afl0Sim has also hinted at further developments and enhancements in the pipeline.

LBSF Sofia Airport is available now via SimMarket, priced at around €15 + tax.