Freeware utility Multiplayer Model Matching replaces generic aircraft models with better ones of your choice

Here’s something to improve your experience when in proximity to AI multiplayer models in Microsoft Flight Simulator: Multiplayer Model Matching (M3), a new freeware utility that aims to enhance the multiplayer experience for simmers by enabling them to customize the exact models shown, selecting from their roster of owned aircraft.

‘M3’ offers two groundbreaking features:

Model Redirection: The utility generates a single package of small aircraft configuration files. When these files are placed in the Community folder, they redirect multiplayer aircraft models that a user doesn’t have installed to similar models they do have. For instance, if a user doesn’t have the Kitfox installed, it can be made to look like the DHC2 Beaver instead of the generic Bonanza.

multiplayer model matching m3 MSFS

ICAO Aircraft Designator Update: Multiplayer Model Matching updates the MSFS ICAO Aircraft Designator database to include all necessary ICAO designators. This feature allows users to view an aircraft they own, or a closely matched one, even if they don’t have the specific livery installed.

The primary objective of M3 is to reduce or eliminate the number of generic multiplayer aircraft seen while playing MSFS, aiming to provide a more immersive and realistic multiplayer experience.

The developers anticipate that M3 will eliminate at least 90% of the generic multiplayer aircraft seen during gameplay. However, some generic aircraft might still appear due to inherent MSFS multiplayer issues, which M3 cannot address. Proper configuration of M3 is crucial to minimize the appearance of these generic aircraft.

This utility was released just a few days ago and has been met with widespread acclaim from the MSFS community. Users have praised its intuitive design and its significant impact on enhancing the multiplayer experience. Comments from users highlight how the mod is a “game-changer”, has “immensely improved” their enjoyment of multiplayer live streams, and how it addresses a long-felt need in the community.

Multiplayer Model Matching (M3) is available as freeware on