Fly X Simulations releases Teesside International Airport for MSFS

EGNV Teesside Airport, a small/medium international hub nestled in the northeast of England, has recently been intricately recreated for Microsoft Flight Simulator by Fly X Simulations, which marks the team’s first foray into Microsoft’s wildly popular platform.

Located in a region known for its rich history and picturesque landscapes, Teesside Airport stands out with its diverse traffic. From the commercial hustle and bustle of airlines like Ryanair, TUI, and KLM to the operations of cargo giants such as TNT and FedEx, the airport is rich in activity. It’s also a favorite among general aviation enthusiasts and even sees some military traffic, including the sleek Dassault Falcon 20s operated by Draken.

The airport’s activity has been influenced by various factors, including airline partnerships, economic conditions, and strategic decisions. In the late 2000s, the airport experienced a decline in passenger numbers, which was exacerbated by the 2007-2008 financial crisis. This decline led to a reduction in the number of operating airlines, with many consolidating their operations at larger regional airports. By 2017, passenger numbers had dwindled to 130,911, a significant drop from its peak in 2006 when the airport served 917,963 passengers.

However, the airport’s fortunes began to change in the late 2010s. Strategic investments and a renewed focus on scheduled routes and non-passenger related aviation, such as cargo and general aviation, marked the beginning of a revival. The airport also explored diversification, with plans to transform into a business-centric airport. By 2018, passenger numbers started to rise again, signaling a positive turnaround for the airport.

The addition of Teesside in MSFS offers flight simmers an opportunity to navigate a variety of flying scenarios. For those with a penchant for exploring European skies, Teesside serves as an off-the-beaten-path alternative from where simmers can plot flights to all over the continent.

EGNV Teesside airport MSFS 8.png

EGNV Teesside airport MSFS 7.png

EGNV Teesside airport MSFS 6.png

EGNV Teesside airport MSFS 5.png

EGNV Teesside airport MSFS 4.png

EGNV Teesside airport MSFS 2.png

EGNV Teesside airport MSFS 1.png

But what truly sets Fly X’s rendition of Teesside apart is its attention to detail. The airport boasts an impressive replica of the terminal and adjacent structures, bespoke models that enhance the surrounding landscape, and detailed PBR textures. Advanced shading and occlusion effects breathe life into all airport edifices, and the integration of native, efficient gITF models ensures a smooth gaming experience. To top it all, a custom orthophoto encapsulates the airport and its immediate surroundings. That is, at least, what the developers promise with this scenery.

Teesside Airport from Fly X Simulations looks like a rather interesting new scenery for MSFS and it’s available now via iniBuilds, priced at £11.99 GBP.