It’s finally time for the F28 to storm the skies: Just Flight announces release date for next Wednesday!

It was just over two years ago that we first reported on the exciting news of Just Flight’s endeavor to create the F28 Professional for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Since then, we’ve kept you updated on every key development in this highly anticipated project. Today, we bring you the most thrilling update yet: Just Flight has finally confirmed the release date of their F28 Professional for MSFS. Mark your calendars, as the very promising F28 is finally set to debut next Wednesday, July 12th!

In a short update sent through their social media, Just Flight expressed their excitement and gratitude to the community, stating, “After a long wait we can confirm that next week sees our F28 Professional finally release for MSFS. Wednesday is set to be the release date and between now and then you can look forward to seeing a good number of preview streams along with some in-house videos that we have produced for the aircraft.”

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Just Flight F28 MSFS release date 14

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Just Flight F28 MSFS release date 12

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Just Flight F28 MSFS release date 13

The project, as intricate as the vintage aircraft it emulates, has been a result of diligent research, coding, testing, and tweaking. The company lauds the F28 as a “vintage aircraft right out of the top drawer in all departments”, which aligns with our close observations of the project’s development over the past couple of years.

“Planes of this age are complex old beasts and require a lot of in-depth research,” Just Flight added, highlighting the complexities of the F28 and the meticulous care required in its digital rendition. The project has indeed been a lengthy labor of love, with more than two years of development.

Those we may be dated about the complexities of such an aircraft will be happy to know that Just Flight has their back. They’ve confirmed that “tutorials will be available, a massive manual and oodles of options” to help pilots get accustomed to the intricacies of this vintage beast.

Our friend and noted Twitch streamer, TwoToneMurphy, had the opportunity to try out the aircraft ahead of the release. He live-streamed a comprehensive preview showcasing the F28 in all its glory. Among the many impressive features, the audio fidelity of the aircraft particularly stood out, with a very realistic and powerful soundest that is sure to please the ears of every forthcoming user. Sounds are something that Just Flight has done very well and it’s a key factor in making an airplane feel fun and alive!

Just Flight also noted that other preview videos are starting to appear from content creators, which will be followed by Just Flight’s own in-house videos, which will be released in the coming days.

After two years of waiting, we couldn’t be more thrilled about the F28 Professional’s impending arrival in MSFS. We’ll be here to deliver more updates in the coming week, so stay tuned and prepare to experience this marvel of vintage aviation. In the meantime, make sure to check all the details of this product on Just Flight’s official product page for the F28.