The G3000 mod by Working Title is a must-have for your TBM 930

The TBM 930 is one of the most beloved default airplanes in Flight Simulator, making good use of its powerful engine to cut through the air at very impressive speeds. The TBM uses a glass cockpit based on the Garmin G3000, an advanced avionics system that is the main way to interact with the airplane. Thanks to the excellent work of the Working Title team, you can install a modified G3000 that adds many new missing features to the system and greatly improves its look and feel.

Working Title have been doing some tremendous work, which we can see on their CJ4 or G1000 mods. It’s so good in fact that the team is now working in a close relationship with Asobo and Microsoft in order to improve the base sim. This doesn’t mean that existing mods will be deprecated. In fact, they continue in active development, as is the case with the G3000 mod that we’re bringing you today.

The goal of this mod is to get a system that functions and looks closer to the real-life units, with a focus on both features and layout/UI. These features have been added since the release of Flight Simulator and currently, at version 0.5.1, the G3000 mod is an absolute must-have if you fly an aircraft that uses it, such as the TBM 930 or the Longitude.

Some of the main features of this mod include the ability to adjust screen brightness, something that is greatly missed from the default version of the G3000. But there’s much more! The navigational map is completely revamped, with customizable orientations, increased map range, additional options for map symbols display, fuel range ring, in-map city display with a 26.000-city database, roads, boundaries, and much more.

Besides the functional features that increase the system’s depth, there are also a host of visual improvements that you will see throughout. Colors have been tweaked to better match the real-world units, as well as the touch-screen controllers, which feature a UI that more closely resembles the real version.

It’s a really comprehensive overhaul that seriously enhances the avionics and, as a sequence, the enjoyment of flying the TBM. The change list is long and can be better experienced by installing the mod and realizing how much you were missing. Highly recommended!

You can download the G3000 mod from Working Title’s new website. It’s a free download, and installation is as easy as ever: just drop the folder into your Community folder.