Freeware Page Municipal Airport is out now for MSFS

The freeware community in Microsoft Flight Simulator continues to surprise us with a regular stream of impressive products that are provided, for free, to MSFS users looking to upgrade their experience in the simulator. Today we’re highlighting some of these latest releases, first with Osaka International Airport, and now in the United States, with an impressive rendition of Page Municipal Airport, in Arizona!

This scenery is a creation of developer Vincent Bazillio, who recreated KPGA from a pilot’s perspective, with inspiration coming from aerial views found on Bing and Google maps. It’s a mix between the satellite imagery displayed in MSFS and additional data found online. The developer did his best to create a more accurate rendition of the airport, based on online videos and pictures that were freely available. He even used some personal videos taken during several flights to the airport as a visitor.

KPGA Page Municipal Airport MSFS 7.jpg

Hundreds of objects have been added to the default scenery to make it more lively. The airport features a custom-made Million Air Lake Powell FBO with hangars, the main terminal, the American Aviation and Classic Aviation’s FBO buildings, and much more! The 4-box VASI has been fixed, and the helipads apron has been enhanced, although the developer notes hat further improvements can be made in this area.

The developer also took the time to enhance some of the scenery’s nearby features, such as Golliard’s Park or the starting point of the Airport Trailhead, which offers a great vantage point to watch airplanes landing on runway 33.

The end result is a very good-looking airport that turns Page Municipal Airport into a charming little airfield that simmers should greatly enjoy when exploring this stunning region of North America. Page Municipal Airport is located at the center of the Grand Circle Parks, inviting travelers to come and explore popular attractions such as Lake Powell, Glen Canyon Dam, and the Horseshoe Bend.

KPGA Page Municipal Airport MSFS 6.jpg

KPGA Page Municipal Airport MSFS 5.jpg

KPGA Page Municipal Airport MSFS 4.jpg

KPGA Page Municipal Airport MSFS 2.jpg

KPGA Page Municipal Airport MSFS 1.jpg

The area around the airport should be approached with caution, due to its relatively high altitude and frequent high temperatures. Engine performance degradation is to be expected, so be wary when visiting this place!

Overall, this new freeware airport for MSFS provides a more accurate and detailed rendition of Page Municipal Airport, making it an excellent addition to the collection of any MSFS user. The best part is that it’s completely free, so it’s a no-brainer for anyone looking to explore this region!

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