Aerosoft shows off the flight deck in the upcoming Airbus A330 for MSFS

If all had gone according to the plan, the Aerosoft A330 would already be with us by now, as 2022 comes to an end. Unfortunately, the development team couldn’t finish the project just yet, but at least the work continues to bring us a fairly detailed and quite good-looking rendition of this long-hauler.

The latest images shared by Aerosoft give us the best look yet into the A330’s cockpit in its illuminated state, with operational screens, systems, and very impressive modeling and texturing. After so many work-in-progress previews, we’re now seeing the A330 in its (nearly) finished condition inside and out!

You’ll notice in these new images below that everything looks very crisp and detailed, from the 3D model of the instrument panel to the several layers of text in and around each button, switch, and display. It’s clear that Aerosoft is prioritizing the visuals in this aircraft, but the goal is also to have a highly-optimized experience that is light on the frames.

Aerosoft A330 MSFS cockpit landing gear 8

Aerosoft A330 MSFS cockpit landing gear 7

Aerosoft A330 MSFS cockpit landing gear 5

Aerosoft A330 MSFS cockpit landing gear 4

Aerosoft A330 MSFS cockpit landing gear 3

Aerosoft A330 MSFS cockpit landing gear 2

Aerosoft A330 MSFS cockpit landing gear 1

Outside the cockpit, the A330 sports some fine details on a few key areas, such as the landing gear. However, if you were looking to find a detailed passenger cabin in this airplane, you’re in for a disappointment, Aerosoft says that the A330 will not come with a highly-detailed cabin, because the team believes that is a less critical aspect of the experience which reduces performance and demands longer development times. They are entirely focused on the pilot experience and continue to dedicate all the resources to make the flight deck interaction as good as possible, within the project’s scope.

At this point, Aerosoft is refraining from giving any further estimates for a release. After all, the previous “will be ready this year for sure” didn’t go so well… Still, the A330 continues to be an exciting project for airliner enthusiasts, especially since it’s a long-haul aircraft, of which there’s still little variety in the simulator.

As always, we’ll continue to follow this project very closely and bring you any further news about its ongoing development. For now, enjoy the latest preview images above and stay tuned for more in the coming weeks!