MK-STUDIOS releases Rome Fiumicino Airport for MSFS

Another major European airport has arrived to Microsoft Flight Simulator this week. After the release of London Heathrow Airport by iniScene (to underwhelming reception, it has to be said), today it’s MK-STUDIOS’ turn to come to the front with another big airport: LIRF Rome–Fiumicino International Airport.

Fiumicino is Italy’s largest airport and one of the busiest in Europe, with over 40 million passengers served in 2019. It’s one of two international airports serving the beautiful city of Rome (the other being Ciampino, used mostly by low-cost airlines).

MK-STUDIOS has been working on several airports in major European cities, such as Lisbon’s or Helsinki’s airports, and Rome Fiumicino follows on that line. It seems to be another fairly detailed airport, with an accurate layout and reasonable detailed buildings and textures.

Fiumicino was naturally a main hub for the now-defunct Alitalia, Italy’s flag carrier that finally capitulated in 2021 after years of financial difficulties. Now, ITA Airways replaced Alitalia’s role in Italy’s commercial aviation, using Fiumicino Airport to serve flights across the world.

LIRF Rome–Fiumicino International Airport is now available for MSFS on a selection of vendors, such as Contrail, where it’s priced at around €15 + tax.

Rome Fiumicino Airport MSFS 7

Rome Fiumicino Airport MSFS 6

Rome Fiumicino Airport MSFS 5

Rome Fiumicino Airport MSFS 3

Rome Fiumicino Airport MSFS 2

Rome Fiumicino Airport MSFS 1

Main Features:

  • Rome Fiumicino Airport in very detailed rendition
  • High definition PBR textures
  • 2022 airport layout
  • Satellite image for the airport area
  • Simplified terminal interior

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