Germany’s Emden Airport is out for MSFS

M’M Simulations was established after the launch of Microsoft Flight Simulator in 2020, and the team already has a considerable selection of airports available across Europe. The latest addition to the team’s portfolio is Emden Airport, in the East Frisia region of Germany.

Emden Airport (EDWE) is located to the south of East Frisian islands, and there’s actually a regular commercial service connecting EDWE and the islands. Additionally, Emden Airport is of great importance to local industries such as Volkswagen’s plant or offshore wind farms.

Emden Airport has a single asphalt runway with 1300m in length, which is capable of handling aircraft with up to 14 tons. There are GPS/RNAV procedures available for instrument approaches and there’s even a special approach for helicopters, which currently accounts for a significant portion of traffic in Emden. Maybe it will be a great option to base search and rescue operations with the upcoming H145 Expansion Pack?

Emden Airport MSFS 7

Emden Airport MSFS 2

Emden Airport MSFS 8

Emden Airport MSFS 6

Emden Airport MSFS 5

Emden Airport MSFS 4

Emden Airport MSFS 3

With this new German airport for MSFS, M’M Simulations promises an accurate re-creation of the scenery, based on real-world data, with custom-built terminal and restaurant buildings (interiors included), animated people, and more.

Emden Airport is now available for MSFS for just around €10.00.

Main features:

  • Real life referenced buildings
  • Custom Terminal and Restaurant building with interiors
  • Complete PBR Materials
  • Animated People and Ambient objects
  • Real world based terraforming

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