Carenado issues much-needed updates for its airplanes in MSFS

Carenado’s airplanes are finally getting some much-needed patches through the MSFS Marketplace. After the release of Sim Update V, many third-party developers had to scramble to fix their products and make them compatible with the latest version of MSFS, and Carenado was no exception.

Carenado found itself in a tricky situation, having released now 7 airplanes for Flight Simulator. They also sell exclusively through the MSFS Marketplace, which is known to be updated less regularly than some third-party stores. The visibility is massive, but the updates sometimes take weeks to be published by Asobo/Microsoft. This, together with the need to update most of its products, has possibly led to this delay that has caused frustrations among Carenado’s customers.

In any case, the Marketplace now has updated versions of the CT182 Skylane, the PA28R Arrow III and the PA34T Seneca V. Carenado has also submitted an update for the PA44 Seminole, but that hasn’t been published yet. As for the Mooney, unfortunately we will have to wait a bit longer – it’s still being worked on at this moment.

This situation is probably more detrimental to the Marketplace than to Carenado. If they sold their products through their own store any updates would be immediately available. There’s a good chance that MSFS users will eventually get tired of waiting for Marketplace updates and start looking for their add-ons elsewhere if it becomes more apparent that product support is slower.

Regardless of the guilty ones, you can now get the available updates through the MSFS Content Manager.