The F-14 Tomcat by DC Designs is coming to MSFS on August 19th

The first anniversary of the new Microsoft Flight Simulator is fast approaching, so what’s the best way to celebrate it than with a brand new aircraft to take to the skies and party? Well, DC Designs is looking to deliver exactly that, as the F-14 Tomcat has reached completion and is ready to launch on August 19th.

As usual, DC Designs is hoping to provide a middle ground experience with the Tomcat by finding a good balance between the realism of the simulation (you will have to read the manual to get the most out of it), and an approachable airplane that is fun to fly for the less experienced pilots.

The Tomcat will include a few very nice features that fans of the legendary aircraft will surely appreciate. For one, its iconic variable-sweep wings will be animated and function according to the real specifications. The aircraft is also equipped with an ACLS – Automated Carrier Landing System, which should come in handy when MSFS finally adds support for carrier landings once the ‘Top Gun: Maverick‘ DLC hits the platform in November.

F 14 Tomcat MSFS 8

F 14 Tomcat MSFS 7

F 14 Tomcat MSFS 6

F 14 Tomcat MSFS 5

F 14 Tomcat MSFS 3

F 14 Tomcat MSFS 2

F 14 Tomcat MSFS 1

The DC Designs F-14 Tomcat package will include both the A and B models, fully VR-ready and with a total of seven liveries at launch.

The Tomcat will land on MSFS with Just Flight on August 19th, with the Marketplace and Xbox versions expected to come a couple of weeks after that. Pricing is now established, at $34.99 (€29.95). It’s more expensive than the F-15 Eagle, but the quality is also expected to be significantly higher.

With this project ready to leave the pipeline, Dean Criss from DC Designs is now getting ready for the next one, and it’s a particularly exciting choice: the Concorde!