sim-wings releases Hamburg airport for MSFS

The team over at sim-wings has been quite active with their airport creations for Flight Simulator. We’ve seen releases such as Ibiza Airport, La Palma or Munich, and today we see the launch of a new German airport: Hamburg (EDDH), one of the largest international airports in Germany.

Sim-wings is promising a very realistic and life-like depiction of Hamburg Airport, complete with color-corrected aerial imagery, elevated ground terrain and sloped runway. This add-on also features many custom 3D buildings within the airport, such as the very detailed Terminal and overall clutter throughout the perimeter of the airport.

Included are also a series of nice things that airport creators have gotten us used to, such as animated jetways and great-looking night lights.

At around 20€, Sim-wings is slightly undercutting JustSim’s version of this same airport, which was released late last year. Interestingly, JustSim is running a discount at this exact time, matching the sim-wings price. Life is full of choices!

Main Features:

  • Highly detailed scenery of Hamburg Airport and the immediate vicinity
  • Realistic 3D ground with elevated Lufthansa maintenance, lowered highway and half covered highway
  • Sloped runways according to aeronautical charts
  • Aerial photo for the airport and the surrounding area, elaborately color-corrected for a true color display
  • Detailed ground lines and stands
  • New “Interims Terminal” and new stands according to ground maps of the airport operator
  • Extremely detailed Hamburg airport buildings with interiors and all auxiliary buildings
  • Lufthansa maintenance area
  • Animated jetways
  • Many static apron vehicles
  • Realistic night time dynamic lighting
  • MSFS SDK materials (PBR)