Eddsfield Airfield released for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Backwood Studios has released a new airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator. EGWO Eddsfield Airfield, located in the tranquil landscapes of East Yorkshire, represents the essence of rural aviation with its grass runway and scenic British surroundings!

Eddsfield Airfield’s most distinctive feature is its grass runway, a less common feature that contrasts with the more typical asphalt runways found in larger airports. This kind of surface not only diversifies your flying experience but also emphasizes the naturalistic feel of the airfield.

Eddsfield Airfield’s setting is integral to its charm. Surrounded by rolling hills and expansive fields, the approach to Eddsfield offers picturesque views. Backwood Studios says they have dedicated considerable effort to accurately render these landscapes, ensuring that they reflect the tranquility of the actual location.

Eddsfield Airfield MSFS 6

Eddsfield Airfield MSFS 5

Eddsfield Airfield MSFS 4

Eddsfield Airfield MSFS 2

Eddsfield Airfield MSFS 8

Eddsfield Airfield MSFS 7

Eddsfield Airfield MSFS 1

Eddsfield Airfield MSFS 3

Eddsfield Airfield MSFS 9

Main features:

  • Indoor and Outdoor Hangar spawns
  • Automated Hangar Doors (works with most default aircraft)
  • Animated People and Farm Life
  • Night Life and Nightlighting
  • Custom 3d Modeled buildings
  • Custom 3d Modeled Vehicles
  • A Fully functioning Fuel station
  • Ample GA Parking for community fly-ins
  • Over 50km of custom roads

With these features, this digital version of Eddsfield Airfield offers a comprehensive and realistic scenery that hopefully captures a simpler, quieter side of aviation.

Backwood Studios’ EGWO Eddsfield Airfield is available now for Microsoft Flight Simulator, priced at just around £5.00 through Orbx.