Got Friends shares teaser videos of the Double Ender for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Got Friends recently announced their newest project for Microsoft Flight Simulator, the intriguing Double Ender, a bush plane prototype that promises to bring some new thrills to remote and unprepared landscapes in the simulator. This week, the team shared a couple of new videos that showcase the ongoing development of this project and offer a glimpse into the possibilities made available with this aircraft in MSFS.

Got Friends’ Double Ender has been under development for some time, and the team has now integrated the first build into Microsoft Flight Simulator. This build includes basic animations and textures and the first pass at TwoSeventyInc’s Rotax 9 Series custom Wwise soundpack. The team is also working on implementing features of the real-world prototype, such as the twin Rotax 916 engines, Airmaster Propeller Systems, custom slats, flaps, spoilers, fuel pods, cargo pods, and 35″ bush tires.

Got Friends has big plans for the Double Ender, which include fully functional systems, controls, failures, and more. They aim to deliver a product that closely matches the detail of the Wilga and is capable of joining that beloved airplane on many backcountry adventures.

The team released a highly stylised development teaser video that showcases the team’s creativity and vision for this aircraft. While there is still much work to be done, the video offers a promising glimpse into what the final product will look like.

The Double Ender was designed with safety and performance at its core. It features a unique push-pull configuration, which eliminates directional instability during engine failure and provides enough take-off and climb power with just one engine. One of its most distinctive features is the bubble canopy, offering pilots a unique view, allowing them to see directly beneath their feet. This feature is particularly useful when landing on unprepared surfaces, as the pilot can maintain visual contact with the ground immediately in front and beneath the aircraft.

Got Friends is planning to start a closed alpha soon with the same group that tested their Wilga. They want to get feedback as early as possible to refine the project into something bush pilots will enjoy for years to come. While the team has not yet provided specific details regarding the release date or pricing, they have confirmed that the Double Ender is their main focus and plan to release it later this year.

As usual, we will be keeping you updated with more information about this new project from Got Friends in the coming weeks and months.