SoFly launches Aircraft Checklist Pro for Microsoft Flight Simulator

After the release of Weather Preset Pro and A Guide to Flight Simulator, SoFly has released yet another tool for Microsoft Flight Simulator simmers looking to enhance their experience in the sim. Aircraft Checklist Pro is an all-inclusive 80+ page document that provides simmers with aircraft-specific checklists for all default Microsoft Flight Simulator aircraft.

SoFly built Aircraft Checklist Pro with the goal of covering everything you need to know to get your aircraft from a cold and dark state to the skies and back to the ground again before shutting down. The recently added 40th Anniversary Edition planes and helicopters are also included in this comprehensive selection of checklists.

With SoFly’s custom-made application, users can conveniently access the checklists directly from within the simulator via the in-sim toolbar, ensuring a seamless and immersive experience. The tool is also compatible with Parallel 42’s excellent Flow utility. For those who prefer a more traditional document, Aircraft Checklist Pro also comes in a PDF format that can be saved to any device of your choice.

Aircraft Checklist Pro includes checklists for over 45 aircraft, ranging from large airliners such as the A310 and B747-8 to smaller aircraft and LSA such as the Cessna 152. SoFly says that all checklists have been tried and tested by experts, ensuring that users follow the same procedures as real-world pilots, within the predictable features available on each default aircraft.

To provide simmers with the most up-to-date information, SoFly plans to offer free updates for additional aircraft as they are added to the simulator.

Aircraft Checklist Pro is now available for purchase for around $10, from both SoFly’s own webstore or Orbx.

Main features:

  • Checklists for all included Microsoft Flight Simulator aircraft
  • Access directly from within the simulator via the in-sim toolbar (also compatible with Parallel 42’s Flow)
  • Everything from the A310 and B747-8 to the Cessna 152 and CubCrafters XCub
  • All checklists have been tried and tested ensuring from cold and dark to shut down
  • Over 80 expertly designed pages covering 45+ aircraft
  • Includes recently added aircraft from the 40th Anniversary Edition
  • Available in additional PDF format
  • Free updates planned for more aircraft as they’re added to the sim