Orbx releases Bolzano Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Orbx has released a new European airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The publisher’s extensive product portfolio sees a new extension to Italy with a custom-built rendition of Bolzano Airport, in the north of the country.

This is a new project from developer Andreas Hegi, whose work can also be seen in Sandane and Sogndal Haukåsen Airports, in Norway, and Samedan, in Switzerland. Staying faithful to the mountainous backdrops, Andreas now invites MSFS simmers to explore the area around Bolzano, a cultural and historic location near the Dolomites.

LIPB Bolzano Airport is a bit of a white elephant in the real world, an airport that never managed to serve a meaningful amount of commercial traffic, considering its maintenance costs. Nowadays, only SkyAlps operates some flights in Bolzano, mainly comprising seasonal routes to summer and winter resorts.

LIPB Bolzano Airport MSFS 7

LIPB Bolzano Airport MSFS 6

LIPB Bolzano Airport MSFS 4

LIPB Bolzano Airport MSFS 3

LIPB Bolzano Airport MSFS 2

LIPB Bolzano Airport MSFS 1

It’s with this backdrop that Andreas Hegi re-created Bolzano Airport for MSFS. The developer even visited the airport to get a closer look into its features and the surrounding areas, where he managed to gather hundreds of reference materials to work on a virtual rendition for MSFS.

The result of this work is another nice-looking scenery that brings this airport up to a very high level of detail in MSFS, with realistic high-resolution textures created from photos of the airport, an accurate layout featuring the latest runway extension, relevant custom aircraft, and more.

LIPB Bolzano Airport is now available for MSFS through Orbx Direct, priced at around €15.00.

Main Features:

  • Realistic HD textures created from on-site photography providing the most immersive experience possible
  • Updated layout with new runway extension
  • Custom static DC-3 and helicopters
  • Main terminal with interior modelling
  • Custom ortho