Watch the first previews of the stunning FlightFX Vision Jet, coming tomorrow to PC and Xbox

FlightFX and Volctech have a very interesting debut aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator, which is just about to launch in the Marketplace for just $24.99. The imminent launch, which will take place tomorrow, November 29th, at roughly 12PM Pacific Time, will see the very cool Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet land in MSFS, for both PC and Xbox users, in what promises to be one of the most compelling new aircraft to be available in this last stretch of the year.

We’ve followed this project very closely since it was announced a little over a year ago. When the development team shared their efforts to bring a very true-to-life aircraft to the sim, we knew they were on to something. Well, after all this time, FlightFX and Volctech are now ready to launch their creation and allowed two of the most notorious content creators in the community to get early access to the airplane and share their findings before the release!

Our friend TwoToneMurphy was the first to get access to the plane. During a live stream with FlightFX’s Nick Sdoucos, we got the chance to have a detailed look into the Vision Jet’s impressive exterior and interior modeling, along with a showcase of the aircraft’s systems:

Today, it was time for TheFlyingFabio to have his go at the Vision Jet. It’s the first opportunity we have to see the aircraft in flight, as Fabio takes us along a very detailed and in-depth look at the Vision Jet during all stages of operation: start-up, taxiing, takeoff, climb, cruise, descent, landing, and shutdown. Save some time, because this is long!

It’s a fascinating aircraft, no doubt about that, and FlightFX seems to have taken it very seriously. It’s very faithful to the real thing, and since it’s powered by the Garmin G3000, which is about to get some very significant upgrades in the sim, it’s very modern and easy to use!

The videos above should definitely whet your appetite for this aircraft, but you won’t have to wait long to get your own hands on this bird. The Vision Jet will be out in just a few hours, exclusively through the MSFS Marketplace!