Sim Update 10 delayed as MSFS team scrambles to fix performance issues

It’s been a while since we’ve had the chance to hear the MSFS team talking about the current state of the platform and the plans for the weeks ahead. After a summer break, Jorg Neumann, Sebastian Wloch and Martial Bossard returned today for another Developer Q&A and brought with them important news regarding the highly-anticipated Sim Update 10: it’s been delayed!

Sim Update 10 has been in beta for a while, a chance for the community to test the updated software and provide valuable feedback about its impact on the overall experience in MSFS. Unfortunately, there’s been an increasing number of performance and stability issues, which has led the MSFS team to put the launch of SU10 on hold as they try to fix these problems. DX12 seems to be one of the culprits, and NVIDIA and the MSFS team are working closely to get it all running perfectly. This delay should last for at least a couple of weeks, so we’re now likely to see Sim Update 10 coming out in early September.

Sim Update 10 is set to bring many improvements and changes across the board, including DLSS support, multi-monitor support, DX12 enhancements, and much more.

Working Title’s Matt Nischan made an appearance during the live stream to talk about some of the cool features that simmers will be able to experience with the G1000 NXi (which those who opted-in to the beta version on the Marketplace have been enjoying for a while). These include much-improved navigation logic, with the addition of VNAV, RNAV, IFR procedures, or a handy system to assist in leaning the engine and the possibility to use a keyboard to input waypoints. It’s a massive improvement that is now making the G1000 in MSFS a near 1:1 replica of the real unit!

Matt also introduced an improved VFR map, the one available through the in-sim toolbar. It’s a feature that has been stagnant pretty much since MSFS launched two years ago, but it’s getting some cool new features, with the possibility to see more details about airports and waypoints, such as runways, radio frequencies, METAR data, and a search box.

MSFS Dev QA Sim Update 10 delayed g1000 3
… and the VFR map is getting a significant upgrade!

Jorg Neumann also shared very positive feedback about the team’s ongoing efforts to allow the release of more third-party airplanes on Xbox. Aircraft using WASM can’t run on Xbox, but Jorg revealed that a working solution is now mostly done, and it’s currently expected to come with Sim Update 11, later this year. This will be a significant breakthrough for MSFS on the Xbox and will finally open the path for countless newer airplanes that have been highly coveted by the community!

The stream was also rich in details about what’s in store for the near future in MSFS. Chem them out: