Sim Update 10 Beta now available for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Asobo and Microsoft continue with the extraordinary support and constant development of Microsoft Flight Simulator, with a clear schedule for introducing new features and updates across the whole experience.

The next one on the calendar will be Sim Update 10, currently set to be available for everyone on August 23, but the more adventurous ones can now get an early taste of that improved experience with the beta version of the patch, which was just released by the MSFS team!

The Sim Update 10 Beta enables simmers to test a number of very exciting upcoming features, some of which have been long-awaited by the community. For example, DLSS support is finally available for the sim, bringing with it a significant performance headroom that may make flying a much smoother experience for many users, especially those flying in VR.

While everyone will be happy to get improved performance (there are also several improvements around DX12), there’s much more than that coming with SU10. Simmers will also now be able to use multiple monitors with the simulator, while developers can finally start tinkering with the Deluxe and Premium airplanes, since their respective .cfg files are no longer encrypted.

Another important change to the default MSFS experience is that the Working Title G1000 NXi is now the default G1000 system in all the default airplanes! The G1000 NXi is a significant improvement over the default avionics package and it has actually been available for free for some time. Now it’s being implemented as the default solution, as initially intended, with no need for additional installations. It’s recommended that simmers uninstall the existing Marketplace version of the NXi to enjoy the new and improved version now available in SU 10 Beta.

The full list of changes introduced with SU10 is available here, and it’s well worth checking to see if any of the changes are worth the risk of jumping into the beta. If you’re feeling the need and hope to help the MSFS team improve the update for the broader rollout in August, see here the requirements and instructions for joining the beta.