Floyd’s Epic Clouds adds 6 beautiful weather presets to MSFS, for free!

The weather system in Microsoft Flight Simulator is one of the most impressive aspects of the platform, capable of generating incredibly realistic and challenging conditions, especially with the live weather system. There’s also a good bunch of default presets for a quick and easy weather setup, and some developers have been able to make their own scenarios and share them with the community, such as SoFly with Weather Preset Pro or STORM.

Today we’re bringing you a freeware preset pack that creates some stunning cloud formations in the sky. The aptly-named Floyd’s Epic Clouds features 6 distinct weather presets that, above all, look quite cool while flying at different altitudes!

The first preset is arguably the most breathtaking, with three defined cloud layers that provide a simply superb view when climbing or descending. If you’ve had the chance to fly between cloud layers in the real world then you know how beautiful the views can be, and Floyd’s clouds capture that atmosphere quite well in the first preset on offer here.







The other available options are also quite interesting and unique in their own way. The second one, “Porous clusters with rain”, features big scattered clouds with some rain, a beautiful and demanding scenario when flying in VFR. “Fluffy Clusters” is another cool one, with big and fluffy – but ominous – clouds.

All of these presets feature an expansive cloud cover, so beware not to enter IMC while enjoying the breathtaking weather!

Floyd’s Epic Clouds offers some cool new weather presets for those occasions where the live weather is not interesting enough or you’re tired of the default options. Best of all, it’s available for free, so there’s no really no excuse not to try this out. Installation is as easy as with any other addon: just drop it on your Community folder!