NZA Simulations releases stunning re-creation of New Zealand’s Mount Cook region for MSFS

NZA Simulations has quickly established itself as one of the best development teams when it comes to beautiful airports for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Following a few introductory freeware airfields, NZA brought us remarkable renditions of Nelson and Hobart airports, both in New Zealand, and now they are back with another impressive new creation: Mount Cook Region, in the South Island.

NZMC Mount Cook Region is part of NZA’s Proline series, which aims to represent the target locations with the best quality currently possible in MSFS. Judging from the official product images and the trailer video put out by the developers, we’re looking at another fantastic new spot to explore in Microsoft Flight Simulator!

NZA is bundling two airports in one single package with this new release. Mount Cook Airport is the star of the show, but this whole region is one of the most stunning to explore in the world, so NZA took the opportunity to add some additional scenery features.

NZA Simulations NZMC Screenshots for Mt Cook Region 15

NZA Simulations NZMC Screenshots for Mt Cook Region 12

NZA Simulations NZMC Screenshots for Mt Cook Region 10 Titleshot

NZA Simulations NZMC Screenshots for Mt Cook Region 23

NZA Simulations NZMC Screenshots for Mt Cook Region 22

NZA Simulations NZMC Screenshots for Mt Cook Region 21

NZA Simulations NZMC Screenshots for Mt Cook Region 17

Starting from NZMC Mount Cook Airport, simmers can either travel northbound and explore the glacier and several detailed huts along the way, or go south to the second airfield included in this package, NZGT Glentanner Aerodrome, Lake Pukaki, and the Twizel Medical Center (great for helicopter rescue operation with the new H145 Action Pack!)

NZA Simulations went to great lengths to recreate this area with impressive levels of detail, as we are now used to seeing from the team. Both airports feature detailed 3D interiors, along with high-resolution ground textures on the runway and apron, but there’s also a wide range of custom objects everywhere, from static aircraft to local biome enhancements that give each place a special touch of authenticity.

The best way to get a sneak peek into this stunning new release is by watching the beautiful trailer video below, which shows the scenery from a wide variety of angles while also showing a few surprises. The Vision Jet from FlightFX makes a short appearance in the video, the first time we’ve seen it in such fashion, but there’s also a short preview for another upcoming airport from NZA Simulations: NZCH Christchurch Airport.

New Zealand is one of the most stunning countries on our planet and it’s one of the best regions to explore in Flight Simulator. With the quality work that NZA and other developers have been putting out for the country, there are now even more reasons to detour from your usual routes and come explore the awesome landscapes in the land of the kiwi!

NZMC Mount Cook Region is now available for just €18.99. A release in the Marketplace is expected soon for both PC and Xbox users.


  • 2 stunning airports located in one of the most scenic locations – Mt Cook Airport (NZMC) and Glentanner Aerodrome (NZGT).
  • Fully 3D modelled interior of the Mt Cook Terminal building and hangars.
  • Fully 3D modelled interior of Glentanner Park Centre and Cafe.
  • Includes the Twizel Medical Center (NZTW) for Heli Rescue Operations.
  • 8 Detailed Landmark Mountain Huts, including Plateau Hut, Sefton Bivouac and Ball Hut with Landmark POI markers for each and landing areas for Ski Planes.
  • Other locations of interest to the north-west are The Hermitage Hotel and other surrounding lodges.
  • Static local helicopters, including Heliworks Mt Cook and The Helicopter Line AS350 Squirrel.
  • Runway and Apron areas with high resolution imagery and custom PBR texturing to give a more realistic look.
  • Fully featured airside and landside custom modelled scenery objects.
  • Airport area biome enhancements to recreate the environment to match the look and feel of real life.
  • Compatible with the ORBX NZ Mesh Addon