Hype Performance Group releases the HEMS variant of its H145 helicopter

Hype Performance Group announced the Action Pack Expansion for the H145 helicopter back in February, estimating a release of the first of the five included variants until the end of April. The team kept their word and, this weekend, released the Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS) & Search and Rescue (SAR) variant of this action-focused expansion pack, which is set to bring some real-world thrills to the virtual playground of Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The H145 has been available for a while, with all the three planned base variants released (but still getting regular updates). Hype Performance Group is now looking to expand the flight possibilities with the H145 by giving simmers an Action Pack Expansion that includes new highly specialized variants with some unique differentiating features.

Five variants are planned to be released with this expansion pack: HEMS & Search and Rescue (SAR), Firefighter, Offshore Utility & Coast Guard, Civilian Cargo, and Military Cargo. The HEMS is the first to be available, along with some unique capabilities that should compel simmers to really immerse themselves in the world of MSFS while playing the role of a pilot doing the crucial work of bringing an emergency team to the rescue of people in need.

Existing users of the base H145 (mandatory before installing the Action Pack Expansion) will find the included tablet in the HEMS variant to be even more feature-rich than before. This new variant includes many specific capabilities, such as the functional hoist with the ability to drop and collect the crew, or the high-intensity searchlight. This can all be interacted with using the tablet.

This is also where you’ll find one of the coolest new features introduced with this expansion: user missions directly inside the simulator! That’s right, you can now select one of the few included missions in the tablet and execute it without an external app.

MSHS H145 HEMS Medical Emergency variant 5

MSHS H145 HEMS Medical Emergency variant 4

MSHS H145 HEMS Medical Emergency variant 3

MSHS H145 HEMS Medical Emergency variant 1

A few disaster scenarios are included, such as a crash scene in Seattle that will have you carefully land the H145 in a cluttered urban scenario. But you can also use the “Hoist Anywhere” mission that allows dropping an emergency worker off anywhere in the world, and bringing back a patient with him.

Following the release of this HEMS variant, Hype Performance Group will now focus on the next one, which is scheduled to be the Firefighting version. There’s no indication at this point about when that new variant will be coming, but we’ll keep you updated as we hear news from the team.

If the idea of going on some “real” emergency missions in a helicopter (or any other of the other upcoming variant-specific activities), then grab now your copy of the Action Pack Expansion for the H145, now available as Early Access for $35.00. The Base Pack is required.

H145 Expansion Pack MSFS 9

H145 Expansion Pack MSFS 8

HEMS & Search and Rescue (SAR) Features:

  • Complete EMS interior with stretcher, various medical equipment and gear
  • 3D Crew: 2 pilots, doctor, hoist operator / medic, hoist crew
  • Functional hoist with multiple interactive animations, mechanical system management and the ability drop and collect the crew
  • High Intensity Search Light with steering, dim, zoom, filters and more (TRAKKA800)
  • Ejectable stretcher to pick up and carry wounded civilians
  • 4 new liveries of popular worldwide EMS operators
  • Helionix integration as well as a friendly user interface added to the tablet to operate the new capabilities
  • Switches and panels have been added to the Overhead Panel and Center Console to allow new capabilities
  • New weight elements (Hoist) have dynamic impact on the flight model
  • More options: Short Skids/Long Skids, Emergency Floats, Skid skis for cold climate
  • New dedicated sounds