NextGen Simulations shares new images of its Saab 340 for MSFS

Nearly two months after the previous development update, NextGen Simulations is back with some news regarding its ongoing work with the Saab 340 for MSFS. The Swedish turboprop airliner, still flown today after more than 20 years since production stopped, is coming into life in MSFS!

The last time we heard news about this project, NextGen Simulations had published a few preliminary render images of the 3D model. This time we’re seeing something a little more advanced, with textures and a real-world livery pertaining to REX Airlines, the Australian airline that is the largest operator of the Saab 340 today.

These new images show a variety of angles of the familiar fuselage of the 340 with the first textures, which appear to be a bit dirty and with a “used” look. The Saab 340 has been around for a while, so it’s natural to expect visuals that depict the years of flying in the airframe, despite not looking exceptionally detailed or high-resolution (at this point, anyway).

NextGen Saab 340 MSFS 2

NextGen Saab 340 MSFS 10

NextGen Saab 340 MSFS 9

NextGen Saab 340 MSFS 8

NextGen Saab 340 MSFS 7

NextGen Saab 340 MSFS 6

NextGen Saab 340 MSFS 5

NextGen Saab 340 MSFS 4

NextGen Saab 340 MSFS 3

Obviously, we’re still very early in the development process, so it’s too soon to jump to any conclusions. After all, the Bandeirante, NextGen’s first aircraft for MSFS, is an excellent product that plenty of simmers enjoy flying. The Saab 340, being a similar pressurized turboprop airliner, should follow the same route and end up being another good airplane from the developer.

For now, NextGen Simulations doesn’t provide much additional information about this project, We’ve learned that integration with the PMD50 GTN750 and the TDS GTNXi is planned, but that’s about it.

As usual, we’ll keep following the development of the Saab 340 for MSFS and let you know of any meaningful updates! Until then, enjoy these new images of the aircraft. Hopefully, we’ll soon get a first look into the cockpit!