Explore the Julian Alps starting from ST Simulations’ Bovec Airport, in Slovenia

The Alps are one of the coolest regions to explore in the world, an experience that extends to the virtual world through Microsoft Flight Simulator. With incredible mountains and valleys that span across thousands of square meters, there’s plenty to see from a small airplane, peacefully indulging in the great vistas that this famous mountain range is capable of offering.

The Alps are generally very well represented in MSFS, with accurate elevation and detailed aerial imagery, which results in an area that is just a joy to explore. There are many small airports everywhere, which serve the frequent general aviation traffic, soaring activities, skydiving, and much more. Today we’re bringing to your attention a brand new airport that fits perfectly within the Alps. It’s in Slovenia, right on the southeastern edge of the Alps, and it’s called Bovec Airport (LJBO).

Bovec Airport is a popular alpine airport, located in a section of the Alps known as the Julian Alps. Surrounded by mountains, but not too far from Slovenia’s capital (Ljubljana), Bovec Airport is the perfect spot to enjoy the stunning natural landscapes in this region, with a long grassy runway waiting for you.

ST Simulations is the team responsible for the development of this airport for MSFS. They recently brought us Adana Sakirpasa Airport, in Turkey, and have now decided to venture into central Europe with this charming location in Slovenia.

LJBO Bovec Airport MSFS 11.jpg

LJBO Bovec Airport MSFS 10.jpg

LJBO Bovec Airport MSFS 9.jpg

LJBO Bovec Airport MSFS 8.jpg

LJBO Bovec Airport MSFS 7.jpg

LJBO Bovec Airport MSFS 6.jpg

LJBO Bovec Airport MSFS 5.jpg

LJBO Bovec Airport MSFS 3.jpg

LJBO Bovec Airport MSFS 2.jpg

LJBO Bovec Airport MSFS 1.jpg

ST Simulations re-created Bovec Airport for MSFS with plenty of attention to detail. Even though this is a small airfield, there’s still a great deal of uniqueness, with a skydiving school, recreational structures on the outside, a café, and more.

The developer says that many custom 3D models have been created specifically for this airport, with high-resolution textures and appropriate placement. The official product images look quite good indeed, in what seems to be another charming little airfield for MSFS. If you own an aircraft like the Milviz Porter PC-6, this should be the perfect place to set out on some adventures through the Alps!

ST Simulations LJBO – Bovec Airport is now available through Simmarket and flightsim.to (other vendors coming soon), priced at just 9.99€ + tax.

Main features:

  • Custom Hangar of the Bovec Airport with interior details
  • Cafe Aeroklub Bovec 3D Model
  • SkyDive Bovec
  • Animated Country and Event Flags
  • Custom Gliders and Trailers
  • Custom Event Tents
  • Highly Detailed Textures, Physically Based Rendering (PBR), Reflective and Realistic Textures
  • Realistic and Highly Detailed Representation of the Airport
  • A lot of custom objects, models and details for the environment