Simultech releases Münster airfield for MSFS

Simultech has released a nice little Swiss airfield for GA pilots to enjoy. Münster Airfield (LSPU), a former military airfield now used for civilian operations, is now available for MSFS as a very interesting starting point for soaring or sightseeing flights to the Alps.

Münster airfield is located in the canton of Valais, and has a history that goes back to WWII. After serving the Swiss military, it became a popular spot for gliders, which are today the most common site in the airfield.

This location in the heart of the Alps provides plenty of exciting and challenging opportunities to explore this striking region in Europe. The recently released Discus-2c, for example, or the historically relevant Morane D-3801, would be great choices to bring to Münster, soaring above the clouds or relieving the life of a Swiss military pilot.

Simultech saw the opportunity here to create a cool scenery for MSFS. Münster is a simple place, with just a few buildings and related structures, but the developers seem to have recreated this location for MSFS with impressively high levels of detail. The buildings are very detailed, with high-resolution photorealistic textures, static gliders nearby, and also people enjoying the site. Interestingly, there’s also an animated train crossing the railway between the villages, a rare sight in MSFS and surely a pleasant surprise.

Flugplatz Munster LSPU MSFS 8

Flugplatz Munster LSPU MSFS 6

Flugplatz Munster LSPU MSFS 5

Flugplatz Munster LSPU MSFS 4

Flugplatz Munster LSPU MSFS 3

Flugplatz Munster LSPU MSFS 2

Flugplatz Munster LSPU MSFS 1

Overall, everything looks rather lovely and inviting. If you’re looking for an excuse to return to Switzerland, or even visit for the first time, Münster airfields might be a choice to consider when planning your trip!

Simultech’s rendition of Münster airfield is now available through Simmarket, priced at just €9.99.

Main features:

– Super detailed 3D buildings
– Ground mesh reproduced from real terrain data and edited by hand
– Every object made using 100% PBR, with most textures in 4K.
– 3d gliders on the apron.
– Animated train that crosses the villages.