“Project Lifts” is a must-have add-on that adds cable cars, gondolas and chair lifts to MSFS

The incredible community of developers in the world of MSFS continues to deliver increasingly impressive add-ons, significantly enhancing various aspects of the flight simulation experience. We have told you about many of the greatest ones, and today we’re adding a new scenery mod that you should definitely consider, especially if you often fly around mountains in the northern hemisphere. Meet Project Litfts, a brilliant freeware add-on that adds more than 20.000 accurately placed cable cars, gondolas and chair lifts to Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Project Lifts comes from the hands of talented developer mamu82, who put together an impressive package whose numbers are just staggering: 20.000+ lifts, 150.000+ pylons, 430.000+ chairs and cabins, 630.000+ total objects added to the sim, particularly around mountainous regions, always placed according to the real-world location.

With this add-on, the world of MSFS becomes that more interesting, with cable cars, gondolas, chairlifts and the respective cables, drag lits (skilifts, t-bars, j-bars), and more. The 3D models of the different objects are custom-created for the sim, with some variations and correct type placement according to the existing data (if it exists. If not, a random one is selected).

Project Lifts MSFS 1

Project Lifts MSFS 2

Project Lifts MSFS 3

Project Lifts MSFS 4

Some regions of the world will naturally benefit more from this add-on than others. For instance, Switzerland, Austria or Italy, famous for their proximity to the Alps, have countless sky lifts that take skiers up the mountains to the ski resorts. They are impossible to miss and their addition to MSFS makes flying in these regions significantly more eye-catching.

This whole project is possible thanks to OpenStreetMap Data, which includes information about all these objects. It’s a similar idea to another one of our favorite add-ons, We Love VFR, which adds a huge variety of VFR-friendly objects to the scenery in MSFS, currently covering Europe, Northern Africa, and the Americas.

Project Lifts currently covers Europe, North America and Japan, but the developer is expanding this idea to the southern hemisphere as well. A handy current coverage map and planned expansions is readily available on the project’s website.

There’s another pretty incredible bonus in this package, in the form of a high-quality and animated recreation of Skyway Mont Blanc, the world-famous cable car that takes you to see some of the most astonishing vistas over the Alps and its tallest mountain.

In the end, Project Lifts enters directly to our list of must-have add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator, and for the low price of free, there’s really no excuse not to get this. Also, it continues to evolve at a steady pace, so make sure to provide helpful feedback to the developer, which will certainly result in a better product for everyone.

Projects Lifts is available for free at flightsim.to.