Vigo Airport is coming to the ‘Beautiful Model of the World’ membership for MSFS

BEAUTIFUL MODEL of the WORLD has to be one of the best deals in the world of MSFS. Through a one-time purchase, you can become a subscriber to a growing list of high-quality European airports, and get the new ones at no additional cost. The latest addition to this list is about to be released: Vigo Airport (LEVX), located in Galicia, Spain.

Vigo Airport is a small regional airport that serves domestic flights to some of the main Spanish cities. It handles around 1 million passengers each year, and it’s well connected to both Galicia and the North of Portugal.

LEVX is now coming to MSFS, if you’re a member of the community. If that’s the case, you’re getting your money well spent on this Saturday, October 16th, when LEVX is made available for members. If you bought the “membership” before, you spent 24€ or even less for this fantastic collection of airports. If you’re joining today, note that the membership has now gone up slightly to 28€. Again, it’s a one-time purchase, and gives you access to now more than 20 airports, with more to come.

Vigo Airport LEVX MSFS 6

Vigo Airport LEVX MSFS 5

Vigo Airport LEVX MSFS 4

Vigo Airport LEVX MSFS 3

Vigo Airport LEVX MSFS 2

As for Vigo, it’s once again looking to be a rather impressive addition to the membership. Expect to see an accurate airport layout, high-quality buildings and textures, realistic ground markings, and more. Sadly, the jetways are static in this launch version, but the developer plans to have them animated in a future update.

Interestingly, this airport is now available as a single purchase through Simmarket, which is always good if you’re not interested in the whole package. On itself, Vigo Airport from BEAUTIFUL MODEL of the WORLD is available today for around 12€. Our recommendation? Definitely subscribe, the quality and variety of airports is well worth the money, and new surprises are often coming!

One final note for an airport nearby Vigo that may be of interest. Porto International Airport, in Portugal, is the main aviation hub in the region, and a very short flight from Vigo. Worth checking after its release earlier this week by MK-STUDIOS!